Indo Mie's Instant Noodles - Salted Egg Collection

Indo Mie's Instant Noodles - Salted Egg Collection

I rummaged through our snack bar at home, and I caught sight of this yellow glossy label. I dug deeper into the pile of snacks, and took out the package. It turned out to be instant noodles, particularly Indo Mie, a famous instant noodle brand in Indonesia. I further examined the label, and found out that it’s Salted Egg flavored, a part of their Premium Collection. During that time, my taste buds were really eager to try something that would “reset” my palate, so I got excited over it.

Indo Mie in the Philippines

Indo Mie has become a house name when we speak of instant noodles. It unexpectedly rose up steadily fast to gain a noticeable following among Filipinos noodle-lovers. Today, we can order cooked Indo Mie in most SM Supermarkets in their merienda booths. Now, if you’d rather have it home, they also have it in most of the grocery stores here in the Philippines.

Flat-like noodles of Indo Mie instant noodles

Anyway, back to the Salted Egg Premium Collection. I hurriedly took out the contents: noodles, chili powder, savory sauce, salted egg powder.

I started boiling water, and prepared the sauce on the side. 

There are three components that make up the sauce. The dark one is the base (this I believe is the regular seasoning found in most Indo Mie instant noodles). Next one is the salted egg powder that turns the sauce into, well, salted-egg-flavored. Third, we have the chili powder, which is optional depending on your tolerance. For my case, I used ¾ of it.

Salted Egg sauce of Indo Mie instant noodles

The entire preparation takes less than 5 minutes, but that’s not surprising because it won’t be called instant, if the process will take 30 minutes.

I drained the noodles after about 2 minutes of cooking (instead of the recommended 3 minutes). I didn’t want my noodles to be ultra-soft. In fact, I wanted it to be a little hard.

Then, I mixed it up with the sauce I prepared earlier, and voila! 

I took a fork, twirl some, and ate some. My palate rejoiced! My objective of giving it a “reset” was fulfilled. The taste had this sharp savory flavor that lingers afterwards. Many might think that the flavor is “too strong”, but I loved it as it is. The salted egg was not very pronounced, but as I focused on the taste, it became more apparent. Above all else, I loved the flat-like strands of the noodles. This allowed the sauce to have a better hold, making each bite as delicious as the one before it.

Renz Cheng and Indo Mie noodles

Overall, I’ll give this a positive recommendation. The flavor maybe something that may easily tire off your taste buds (again because of the sharpness in taste), which makes this something you’ll crave just once or twice a month. Go try it! 
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