Vigan Travel Guide - Food, Places and More!

A Vigan Travel and Food Guide by A Not-So-Popular Kid
A Vigan Travel and Food Guide by A Not-So-Popular Kid
If you want to be mesmerized by the Filipino-Spanish hertitage, you have practically two famous places to go. The first one is in Intramuros of Manila City, and the other one is Vigan City of Ilocos Sur. Lately, Vigan is becoming a smashing hit when it comes to local travel; hence, I came up with this blog post to guide you in your travel here in this interesting place.

I tried making this guide as intuitive and concise as possible by adding three sections namely "Places to Visit", "Where to Stay" and "Where to Eat". Each item under the category has a brief summary, but in case you want to know more about the place or restaurant, just click on the images or the link to be redirected to a separate post which will unravel more specific details.

The ones included here are those that I was able to pay a visit. Two days wasn't enough for me to check out a lot of places, but I've managed to visit a good number of places. Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful in your travel!

Note: Individual posts coming up in the future

Post last updated on 7/03/2014

Places to Visit

Calle Crisologo - the street of Heritage
The main attraction in Vigan is the Calle Crisologo! It's the heart of the well-preserved Spanish-Filipino Heritage in this great city! In the morning, it has a spirit of a market place (wherein you can buy your souvenir shopping). In the night, it becomes quiet and tamed which is perfect for admiring the beautiful structure and design of the Spanish Era vestiges.

The Bell Tower and The Shrine of Our Lady of Charity
If Legazpi has the Cagsawa Ruins, Bantay City (which apparently is strictly not Vigan, but very near to) has the bell tower. The good thing about this tower is that you can climb the stairs inside, and have a view of the beautiful landscape.

Plaza Salcedo - for the dancing fountain
If you haven't witnessed a dancing fountain (i.e. synchronized to the music), then grab the opportunity to watch one here! There are two shows during weekends (7:00 pm and 8:00 pm), and only one during weekdays (7:00 pm). The Plaza Salcedo is usually one of the locals' favorite hanging out place. It can be considered as the Rizal Park of Vigan.

Baluarte - a place for witnessing wildlife
If you want a close encounter with animals, you may want to drop by the Baluarte. You will see there some horses, parrots, deer, ducks, tiger, ostrich and more!

No entrance fees.
Open from Monday to Sunday. 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

Where to Stay

I'll update this when I get the chance to try some place new.

Metro Vigan Inn - a friendly budget hotel
If you are traveling on a relatively tight budget, you may want to consider this very affordable yet decent place to stay. The rooms are just simple, but they are definitely comfortable for grabbing some rest. Plus, the facilities are great including free Wi-Fi, water heater, TV and cool air-conditioning unit!

Budget needed: at least P600 per person inclusive of breakfast

Where to Eat

Metro Vigan Cafe - in house restaurant of the inn
Try something different with the amazing dishes of Metro Vigan Cafe. They serve the best (as far as I am concerned) Kare-Kare! Plus, all these great dishes come at affordable prices!

What to order: Kare-Kare, Bagnet Sisig, Crispy Bagnet and the fish dishes

The Hidden Garden - beautiful sight and delectable dishes
If you want to have a breather, just make sure you'll visit this place. You will be immersed to the grandeur of nature, and be mesmerized by the landscape design of the place. Plus, you will enjoy some tasty snacks and dishes here in this place.

What to order: Empanada and Bagnet

SeƱorita Dulce - House of Food
This place serves dual purpose. First one is indulgent dining, and the second one is purchasing food souvenir or pasalubong.

What to order: KBL Pasta with Longganisa Bits, Mikki Special, Bibingka and Cassava

Cafe Uno - Coffee, Cakes, Pasta and More!
This restaurant can be found in a street perpendicular to the historical Calle Crisologo. This is considered to be a top place to dine in Vigan according to TripAdvisor.

What to order: Okilas Dinardaraan, Kare-Kare and Bagnet Sisig

Marsha's Delicacies - favorite food souvenir stop
If there's something really famous for desserts and pasalubongs here in Ilocus Sur (specifically in Bantay which is just a neighboring city), it will be this shop.

In my opinion, this is the equivalent Pendy's Store of Bacolod.

What to order: Bagnet, Sukang Ilonggo, Vigan Longganisa, Royal Bibingka, Cassava

Have a Happy Travel!There you go! I hope this post will serve a useful purpose for your planned travel here in Vigan or more generally, Ilocos Sur! Do recommend other places here in this awesome place by posting them below!

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