Cartimar’s “Life Changing” Taho – a must-try!

Cartimar’s “Life Changing” Taho – a must-try! - Tiong Hwa

Taho lovers, listen up! There’s this very underrated store tucked within the busy street of Cartimar that offers a “life-changing” taho. It’s simply so good that you’ll be speechless as you consume one bowl in just less than 3 minutes. Yes, no kidding.

Tiong Hwa store in Cartimar sells taho and other soy products

A childhood favorite delicacy
Taho has been a long-time personal favorite. I remember enjoying a cup back during my elementary days, and since then, I associated “comfort” to it. This explains why whenever I see it being peddled on the streets, I always buy one. Also, it has been our family routine to buy taho (just a few walks away from our home) every Sunday morning.

Anyway, just when I thought my love for taho was at its maximum, it further grew with my recent experience over Tiong Hwa’s luscious taho. All thanks to my friend whom we call “Chong” for recommending this place to us, and going far by accompanying us there.

Tiong Hwa Chinese Store in Cartimar - Taho, tofu and soy products

...difference lies on the presentation, the lighter and more fluid sauce, and the “wholeness” of the taho block

Given by the name of the store, Tiong Hwa’s taho is “Chinese-inspired”. However, fret not because it has the same elements with that of traditional Pinoy taho. The difference lies on the presentation, the lighter and more fluid sauce, and the “wholeness” of the taho block. Okay, let’s run through them one by one.

Taho area of Tiong Hwa, Cartimar, Pasay City

#1 – Offered in a bowl + soup spoon
The taho is placed in a bowl, and comes with a soup spoon. This I believe is heavily influenced by the Chinese way of eating the dish. Now, despite the difference in container, it’s basically the same awesome goodness (in fact, better).

On a side note, this resembles that of my experience eating the same dessert (though not exactly similar) in Hong Kong particularly in Ngong Ping area where the Big Buddha is found. You can read more about my experience here: Big Buddha in Ngong Ping Village + Bean Curd Dessert

Interior of Cartimar's Tiong Hwa - Home of Delicious Taho

#2 – Lighter and more fluid sauce
Our own style of taho features a thicker-syrupy sauce (i.e. the arnibal), and it comes really sweet since it’s more like a concentrate. However, this taho of Tiong Hwa is semi-diluted which makes the sauce lighter and more fluid. Yet, despite the dilution, it still gives the same satisfaction and happiness.

Tiong Hwa's Taho in Black Pearl Sago Toppings

Tiong Hwa's Taho in White Pearl Sago Toppings
Tiong Hwa's Taho in White Pearl Sago Toppings

#3 – Wholeness of the taho
Comparing it again with our own, the Filipino-style taho (i.e. bean curd itself) is normally transferred from a larger container into a cup. In the process, the taho gets “sliced/cut” up. However, this taho from Tiong Hwa comes in a rectangular block submerged into the syrup. In this way, you can see and really feel the silkiness of the taho. just burst and melted all at once inside. It was magical, and indeed it was “life-changing

Also, I feel that Tiong Hwa has already perfected the process of making the delicacy. When I scooped the taho, it bounced and then glided into the spoon. I felt like it was dancing – alive even, and after I took a bite, it just burst and melted all at once inside. It was magical, and indeed it was “life-changing”.

Soon after, I was taking one spoonful after the other, and in just 3 minutes, I consumed it all. I wanted to have more, but I restrained myself. I just told myself that I’ll be back for more, and this time with my family so that they can experience it too.

Tiong Hwa's Taho with Red Bean Toppings
Tiong Hwa's Taho with Red Bean Toppings

Price of "Life Changing" Taho
The taho is priced at P35, and if you want to further level up the experience, you can have a topping at additional P25. So, that’s P60 in total. You can choose among the following as topping: black sago, white sago, red bean, pearl barley and peanuts. The best pick is the black sago (though it gets sold out fast).

Those who have a deep passion for taho will find this place a paradise, and so I suggest that you bring your friends over and experience this “life-changing” delicacy. A must-try!

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