Bacolod Travel Guide - Food, Places and More!

If you are planning to visit the City of Smiles of Philippines, you may want to consider those that I am about to share here in this travel guide.

Why Visit Bacolod?
  • This is pretty much easy to answer. For local travelers, you will love this place first off with all the great yet affordable food you will enjoy in here. You will find in Bacolod the famous Chicken Inasal plus there are great seafood paluto places everywhere! 
  • During October, of course, the city will be celebrating its Masskara festival which will definitely be full of colors and life! 

I tried making this guide as intuitive and concise as possible by adding three sections namely "Places to Visit", "Where to Stay" and "Where to Eat". Each item under the category has a brief summary, but in case you want to know more about the place or restaurant, just click on the images or the link to be redirected to a separate post which will unravel more specific details.

The ones included here are those that I was able to pay a visit. Some of these are recent ones while a few others may date back as far as 2012. Of course, I'll do the best I can to keep this fresh and updates as much as possible. Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful in your travel!

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Post last updated on 12/24/2015

Places to Visit

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The Ruins - a vestige of a love story
Strictly speaking, the Ruins is not found in Bacolod in itself, but since it is somehow close and relevant, I included this place of grandeur. Aside from being intrigued with the history of the place, you will also love how picture-perfect the place is. There is an entrance fee here.

The 7 Waterfalls - a place for water adventures and trekking
The 7 Waterfalls of Mambukal resort is one of the famous places to visit here in Bacolod. You can enjoy various activities here such as swimming, bird watching and etc. However, the most famous activity of course if trekking and reaching all the 7 Waterfalls. There is an entrance fee here.

Campuestohan Highland Resort - for a child-friendly place
This place is relatively new as opposed to the 7 Waterfalls, but this resort is slowly getting more renowned due to its great temperature and wonderfully curated themes. It will make you feel as if you are in a Disney movie, particularly Shrek. There is an entrance fee here.

Where to Stay

L'Fisher Chalet - a famous budget-friendly hotel
The rooms here in L'Fisher are comfortable despite the affordability. Facilities and amenities include free Wi-Fi, water heater, TV, air-conditioning unit, swimming pool, gym, awesome roof deck and spa (extra payment needed)!

Breakfast is included in the rates. Food is fine, but you will appreciate the fresh air and ambiance there.

Bacolod Pavillon Resort - for those wanting a resort feel
If you are the type of person who enjoys some great garden-y scenery, then I'm highly suggesting this place. Wi-Fi does not reach the "resort" area.

Breakfast is included in the rates, but do not expect too much on it. It's just the basic dish with 1 viand, rice, egg and coffee/juice.

O Hotel - a comfy place to stay with buffet
Choose this place if you want a really comfy bed, but above all the breakfast buffet. There is free Wi-Fi everywhere in the building, which you may find really useful.

Breakfast is included in the rates.

Where to Eat

Chicken Deli - the locals' "fast food" inasal
There are pretty much a lot of Chicken Deli branches spread out across Bacolod. This is why one of the locals I was with said that it can be considered as a fast food.

What to order: Chicken inasal

Aida's - home of the most famous chicken inasal in Bacolod
The top recommended place where you can try the chicken inasal is this restaurant called Aida's. It got this more vibrant interior compared to other restaurants along the stretch.

What to order: Chicken inasal, oysters and other inihaws

Nena's Rose II - a great alternative to Aida's
If you are the type of person who do not follow the trend, you may want to try dining here in Nena's Rose II. The interior may be duller and more "unfriendly", but the food is still amazing! In fact, there were times when I preferred this over Aida's.

What to order: Chicken inasal, oysters and other inihaws

Diotay's - a festive place for seafood paluto
If you are looking for a place where it seems festive and fun, you should definitely try Diotay's. Also, among the seafood paluto places we've been to, this is the one that has wider selections.

What to order: Buttered shrimps and squid in black ink sauce

Konting Kuskos - a garden-y place for seafood paluto
This restaurant may not be as festive as Diotay's, but this is also a nice chill place to have some seafood.

What to order: Grilled squid and Kinilaw na oyster

Nena's Seafood Hauz - an isolated place for seafood paluto
Now, this place is far from being festive, and in fact, it may seem dull and even unfriendly. However, they really serve great food here, so I didn't mind.

What to order: Buttered shrimps and Special kinilaw

Greenoz Pizzaria - home of the giant pizzas
If you are looking for something huge, as in literally, then you may want to give this place a visit. It is where you can try the humongous pizzas of Bacolod!

What to order: Pizza

Pepe's Restaurant - classy place but still affordable
This restaurant is popular for having a classy ambiance without the classy prices. The serving sizes are also huge despite the affordability.

What to order: Grilled Spareribs, Pesto-Crusted Chicken Breast

Byron's - home of the super sulit ribs in Bacolod
If there's something you should not miss trying, it would perhaps be this place called Byron's. It's where you can try a delectable ribs without breaking the budget at all!

What to order: Back Ribs Meal

C's by L' Fisher - affordable cakes and pastries
This pastry and cake shop is under the management of the famous L' Fisher hotel group in Bacolod. It's located right across the more famous cake shop which is Calea, try that one too!

What to order: Churros and Red Velvet Cake

Have a Happy Travel! I hope you'll find this blog post helpful in planning your travel here in Bacolod or Negros Occidental in general. Do recommend other places here in this awesome place by commenting below. Thanks everyone! 

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