Legazpi City Travel Guide - Food Trip, Places and More

Legazpi Travel Guide - Food Trip, Places and More
A Friendly Travel Guide for Legazpi by A Not-So-Popular Kid
Legazpi City is known to be the home of the famous cone-shaped Mayon Volcano, but aside from this, there are a lot of fascinating places to visit, as well as food to enjoy in this simple yet fantastic city in Albay, Bicol. In this blog post, we will be exploring these opportunities!

For a more convenient reading experience, I just included the photos of the places and restaurants I visited. If you find them interesting, you may want to click on the photo to bring you to the specific blog posts where more details can be found. 

In case you want a concise version, you may want to read the Top 8 Locations to Visit in Albay, Philippines.

Start of a Journey in Legazpi

This is where your adventure will begin to unfold:
The Legazpi Airport: Start of a Journey
The Legazpi Airport: Start of a Journey
You will be surprised by how simple everything seems in Legazpi, but I'm sure you will enjoy its cleaner air and refreshing environment!
Outside the Legazpi Airport
Outside the Legazpi Airport where memorable experiences begin
Last page update: July 28, 2013
Places to Visit
Just click on the photo to read the blog post about it.

Lignon Hills
Misibis Bay Resort

Cagsawa Ruins 

Mt. Mayon (ATV)

Legazpi Food Trip

Caffe San Marco
The Oriental Hotel - Cakes
Four Seasons

DJC Halo Halo 
WAWAY Lunch Buffet
Emong's Bread

Small Talk 
1st Colonial Grill
Pili Nuts (Souvenirs)

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  1. Thanks for this! Haven't been to Legazpi, but I might plan a trip soon! :)

    1. You're welcome! Hopefully by next week, I can accomplish all the posts related to our Legazpi Trip. :)

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