La Petite Fromagerie's Truffle Cream Cheese Spread

La Petite Fromagerie's Truffle Cream Cheese Spread

Truffle lovers, this is not a drill. La Petite Fromagerie (read more) has a special truffle cheese spread available in its shop. With this, we no longer have to endure our cravings and go into a restaurant just to have a taste of truffle. Now, we can have a bite-sized quick fix for it. 

La Petite Fromagerie's Truffle Cheese Spread

La Petite Fromagerie is a catering service specializing in cheeses. They set up a variation of cheese buffets depending on the theme and of course the palate. In addition to catering, they also have an online store where you can buy cheese boards, spreads and anything cheese-related.

One of the products you can avail is this Truffle Cream Cheese, which has become one of their signature spreads. An instant best-seller! 

La Petite Fromagerie's Truffle Cheese Spread

What I love about this spread is the truffle is not coming from a synthetic oil (which restaurants use as a cheaper alternative in tricking our palates). Instead, La Petite Fromagerie uses real truffle mushrooms for it. The spots you are seeing in the photo below are the tiny bits of those truffle shrooms. Taste-wise, it doesn't come in an overwhelming strength (which takes out the "umay" factor), and at some point, it's considerably light which makes it difficult to stop eating.

Others might be particular when it comes to texture, so I'll provide some elaboration on it. When left in room-temperature, the spread tends to be foamy and airy, which glides in the mouth. However, the taste becomes lighter as well. When refrigerated, the spread thickens a bit (still has that airy feel), and makes a better spread. The taste also becomes more distinct. Hence, I suggest you keep it refrigerated.

Truffle Cream Cheese Spread of La Petite Fromagerie

The bottle that I got didn't last one week. All thanks to my frequent snacking.

Normally, I'd be taking the spread out of fridge, and smother them on crackers or on a piece of bread. My mood would instantly get lifted

Truffle Cream Cheese on Crackers

You can get your own bottle via their online shop here: Signature Spreads of La Petite Fromagerie

For catering services or other concerns, you may reach La Petite Fromagerie through these numbers (02) 725 6205 and +63 917 791 2865. Let's get cheesy! 
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