La Petite Fromagerie Catering - make your events cheesier!

La Petite Fromagerie - make your events cheesier!

Foodie friends, are you planning to host an event like no other? Well, here's one way you can surely make your guests rave about your party/event - La Petite Fromagerie!

La Petite Fromagerie

La Petite Fromagerie is a catering service specializing in various kinds of cheeses. Depending on your needs, they can provide any of the following:
  • Assorted Cheese Buffet
  • Raclette Buffet
  • Cheese + Raclette 
  • Cheese Fondue
  • Grilled Cheese Buffet (ideal for kiddie parties, school fairs and etc.)
Now, to help get the message of how awesome will it be to have cheese for your party, let's take some that we sampled during the launching and tasting event.

Brie Bridel Cheese

They have Brie Bridel cheese which has this certain creaminess that partners well with dried figs, apricots, cranberries, walnuts and almonds. You can even add more adventure to the taste by drizzling it with truffle honey (see photo below).

Truffle Honey of La Petite Fromagerie

The Truffle Honey is surely a bomb! It blends perfectly well with different kinds of cheese. It will instantly lighten you up! Crazy!

Sliced Meat La Petite Fromagerie

The Raclette is a classic favorite due to its ooey gooey melty texture. It's actually something that will put quite a show in your event. All cheese lovers will really drool for these!

Raclette of La Petite Fromagerie

Tete de Moine is a crafty and playful kind of cheese due to the instrument it is paired with. You'll roll the device, and the cheese falls off.

Tete de Moine Cheese
Brie Bridel Cheese of La Petite Fromagerie

For rates and packages, you can find contact details of La Petite Fromagerie below.

Raclette of La Petite Fromagerie

You may get in touch with La Petite Fromagerie through these numbers (02) 725 6205 and +63 917 791 2865. You may also email your inquiries via It's time to make your event cheesier!
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