Review: Tiger Sugar's Black Sugar Popcorn

Review: Tiger Sugar's Black Sugar Popcorn

Months into this pandemic era have squeezed out creativity in the food industry specifically in coming up with food/snacks that we can binge at home, and we see this not only among emerging home businesses. We are also seeing this with the more established brands. Take Tiger Sugar as an example. They released milk tea popsicles, and now they just introduced this Black Sugar Popcorn

Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Popcorn

Tiger Sugar's Black Sugar Popcorn
The packaging in itself comes in strongly, and gives you a feel that something good must be inside it. The overall black design emphasizes he "Black Sugar Popcorn", and I'd say that's effective in reinforcing the idea. 

The popcorn is more round (similar to that of Chef Tony's), which is advantageous in giving that comforting crunch as the sugar glaze melts in the mouth. Taste-wise, it definitely resembles that of a milk tea, so if you are a fan, you'll definitely love this snack. For some, this may come off too sweet, but that can be fixed by controlling the portions. 

Review: Tiger Sugar's Black Sugar Popcorn

Personally, I was able to enjoy it, though I'm not sure whether it's something I'll crave for from time to time, but hey who knows, maybe I'll be grabbing some more of this soon! 

Tiger Sugar's New Product: Black Sugar Popcorn

Black Sugar Popcorn, upon doing a quick search, is available in S&R stores, and in FB food groups, you'll also be seeing them being offered by a some resellers. 

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