Easy-Install UV Water Purifier for Home - Just Plug and Voila!

Easy-Install UV Water Purifier for Home - Just Plug and Voila!

In today's time when going out has become a risky activity, and paranoia lingers whenever objects from the outside goes inside the home. Hence, in today's article, I'd be sharing with you how thankful I am that my mom gifted us this easy-install plug and play UV water purifier

Easy Install UV Water Purifier - Plug and Play!

The inconvenience of water bottles
Before, since we live in a condominium, we normally bring down in our lobby the empty bottles, wherein the nearby water refilling station picks it up, and brings it back refilled. This was pretty much okay pre-covid, but ever since this pandemic started, we become a little paranoid about these water bottles. We needed to disinfect it whenever we bring it up, not to mention that it's a bit of a hassle carrying the bottles up to our unit. 

An unexpected blessing
All of these suddenly changed when one day, my mom came to our unit with this package. She said it's her git, so we excitedly opened it up. It was a water purifier. Best of all, she told us that it's a plug and play device which means we won't need any plumber to install it. 

Clean and Fresh Water from the Tap using the Easy-Install Water Purifier

Easy and ultra convenient installation
It took us just less than 5 minutes to set the water purifier up, and within that short time, fresh and clean water is now readily available in our home, right at our faucet. No more reliance on our water refilling stations. Immediately, we felt the peace of mind this had to offer. 

Imagine the convenience of no longer carrying the empty bottles down, carrying it back up, disinfecting it. Plus, whenever it's holiday, we no longer fear not having refills since our nearby water refilling station does not operate on select holidays.

Pure and fresh water right at your home

As for the UV water purifier, here's what it does as forwarded by my mom:
  • ✅ Sleek size, space saving device - perfect for condo space
  • ✅ 3 minute easy installation - no plumber needed
  • ✅ 4 Stage Filtration Process:
    • Step 1 - Pre-filter removes Dust, Sand, Sediment
    • Step 2 - Activated Carbon Block removes Chemicals, Lead, Chlorine, Contaminants
    • Step 3 - PES Membrane removes Bacteria and Viruses
    • Step 4 - Cold Cathode Lamp UV Light KILLS CYSTS, Bacteria, and Viruses

Get your own for your family!
If ever you want to have the same convenience of having safe and drinkable water for you and your family at the comfort of your own homes, contact 09177935638 and look for Pearl

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