Flossom Kitchen + Cafe's Festive Dishes - Trays to Go for Delivery

Flossom Kitchen + Cafe's Festive Dishes - Trays to Go for Delivery

Celebrations may call for some festive dishes, but with all the hassle happening at home (e.g. all the video calls, etc.), sometimes we just don't have the time to prepare them. That's when deliveries come very handy, and we got to appreciate that even more when we celebrated New Year's Eve.

My sister had been hearing much about Flossom that time, and she wanted to try it for so long. Hence, when the opportunity opened up, she took to herself arranging the deliveries. Thankfully, Flossom also offers Trays to Go, which it easier for my sister to make sure that the orders will be enough for us. 

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All the packages came in very neat and organized, allowing the dishes to preserve their appetizing form. We ordered four (4) that day: Flossom Nacho Bake, Truffle Lechon, Porchetta Italiana ,and Tuscan Salmon Florentine. Note that the prices included in this post are as of February 2021. 

Flossom Nacho Bake - best seller!

Chili Beef, Corned Beef, Pico De Gallo, 4 Cheese Sauce, Mozzarella, Sliced Cheese, Onion Cream, Mango Salsa

Flossom Nacho Bake - Best Seller

The Nacho Bake (P950 for 8 x 8 tray), one of Flossom's best-selling + popular dishes, got everyone off their feet, scurrying to the table as they begin to smell the baked cheese when re-heated it in the oven. 

It has a generous layer of cheese on top with corned beef-like meat at the bottom giving you that indulgent meaty bite.

Truffle Lechon Trays to Go of Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

Creamy Truffle Sauce, Cripsy Lechon, Tartufatta, Farfalle Pasta

The Truffle Lechon (P750 for 2-4 pax), despite the stellar plating (or is it boxing/packaging? how do I call it now?)  was a bit underwhelming particularly because I expected excessively high from it. Also, perhaps I was just missing the creamy kind of truffle pasta Dillinger's (read more) offers. However, setting that expectation aside, this truffle lechon of Flossom was great - enough to quench the craving. 

Also, one thing that I really appreciate about the dish is the generous serving of the lechon (which you can clearly see in the photo above). 

Porchetta Italiana of Flossom Kitchen + Cafe

Herbed Boneless Pork Roast, Red Wine Au Jus

The Porchetta Italiana (P800 for 2-4 pax) is the winning dish among the four we had for that day. I just loved the red wine sauce that was enveloping the meat giving it this striking yet balanced savory goodness. 

Tuscan Salmon Florintine of Flossom Kitchen + Cafe, Trays to Go

Pan Seared Salmon, Spinach Butter, Cherry Tomato, Heavy Cream, Parmesan, Basil

The Tuscan Salmon Florintine (P800 for 2-4 pax) is a classic, though I'd prefer it to be cooked a little bit less, so that the salmon would retain its tenderness, instead of being a little thready. The sauce on the other hand is top-notch. Lemony creamy with subtle sweetness. Remarkable.

If ever you feel like these are not working for you, you may try these other recommendations just so you can have more options:

Now, if it's Flossom for you, let me share this website where you can check out their full menu, https://flossomkitchencafe.com/, however, if it's the tray you are more interested on, you may check out their IG page (@flossomkitchencafe) for the selection and prices. Dig in! 

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