Crab2Go's Freshly Cooked Shrimps and Crabs for Home Delivery

Crab2Go's Freshly Cooked Shrimps and Crabs for Home Delivery

Ever since this quarantine started, a lot of the things we normally do and enjoy started to be disrupted, and for some time, seafood became one of them. For some time, I thought that it was pure dream to taste freshly cooked seafood while we seek shelter at home. However, good things always find themselves to us, such as luckily coming across Crab2Go online.

Crab2Go's Mix Crab and Shrimps for Manila Delivery

Through Crab2Go, we were able to schedule a delivery for two (2) small platters of mix crabs and shrimps. It was perfectly in time to celebrate my brother's girlfriend's birthday with such festive delights. 

Crabs and Shrimp Platter of Crab2Go

Each Small Platter costs P1,499 consisting of 1 kilo of freshly cooked crabs and 400g of shrimps. The default flavor is Buttered Garlic, but you may opt to upgrade it to any of these three (3) flavors: sweet and spicy, cajun and salted egg for P50. 

Cajun Mix Crab and Shrimps of Crab2Go

The platters came in warm evident of freshly cooking it on the same day (and even just minutes from its delivery). Another proof for the guaranteed freshness was how the skin of the shrimp easily falls off when you peel it away. The crabs also had this tender voluminous meat which really made the experience standout. 

The Buttered Garlic tasted great, but we loved the Cajun more due to the little kick it had with the spices. We'll definitely re-order here again due to this lovely experience whenever we crave for some seafood again. 

Buttered Garlic Mix Crab and Shrimps of Crab2Go

If you are interested to enjoy some freshly cooked seafood, let me leave their Facebook Page here: Crab2Go. They are very accommodating and friendly, so just drop them a PM. 

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