Bayani Gourmet's Comfort Fiesta Filipino Food

Bayani Gourmet's Comfort Fiesta Filipino Food

Nowadays, it's more common that ever to just hold celebrations at home instead of dining out. I guess this is the effect of the "new normal", although I'm not sure whether it will stick after this mess. Anyway, when it comes to celebrating at home, what we do is to pick a theme/cuisine. Then, we order from different restaurants/stores to build our menu that is anchored on the said cuisine. 

Take my mom's birthday celebration which was Filipino-themed. We ordered from Aling Mely's, Mommy Dolor's (read more) and Bayani Gourmet,. The latter will be the focus of this blog post particularly the four (4) dishes we had.  

Spaghetti Luglog of Bayani Gourmet Restaurant

Spaghetti noodles, smoked fish, ground peanuts, pork rind, egg, annatto oil

Spaghetti Luglog of Bayani Gourmet Restaurant

The Spaghetti Luglog (P320 | Sharing) caught me off-guard with its savory goodness --very rich despite the relative thickness of the noodles. All the play of flavors from the ingredients reinforced each other in giving pleasure to the buds. Definitely a great starter! 

Note: Prices included in this blog post are as of November 2020. This may change, so it's better to check their FB page for the updated ones. 

Bayani Gourmet's Pollo Al Ajillo - Spanish Chicken

Spanish-style garlic chicken

Pollo Al Ajillo of Bayani Gourmet Restaurant

The Pollo Al Ajillo (P450 | Sharing) was our least favorite among the batch ordered, but not because it wasn't good. Rather, all the others were just so excellent that this slightly paled off in comparison. Still, I was able to appreciate the well-seasoned garlicky taste of the chicken! 

Seafood-galore in Bayani Gourmet's Paella Valenciana

Chicken, chorizo, shrimp, mussels, clams, bell peppers

Paella Valenciana of Bayani Gourmet

The Paella Valenciana (P750 | Sharing) had a hefty serving of seafood which made the dish and the dining experience extra-festive. The paella (i.e. rice) in itself was able to absorb the richness of the seafood ingredients giving it good burst of flavors. This for me goes well with the lechon belly (next dish). 

Juicy lechon belly of Bayani Gourmet Restaurant, BGC

Lechon Belly Slow-roasted pork belly, lemongrass, garlic, onions

Bayani Gourmet's best selling lechon belly

This Lechon Belly (P1,600 | 3-4 pax) was a complete winner taking us all by storm. Despite being carried all the way from BGC to our home here in Manila, the exterior of the lechon belly was able to retain its crispness. Then the meat was all juicy and explosive with balanced flavors from herbs and spices giving it its irresistible taste. Once you take a bite, you'll find it difficult not to take another one. And when you realize it, the lechon belly is all gone. A must-try! 

By the way, the lechon belly needs to be ordered 24-hours in advance, but trust me, the wait is all worth it!  

For the full menu of Bayani Gourmet, you may check out their FB Page here for it - Bayani Gourmet Menu. They also update this from time to time, so you'll be able to see the most recent prices. Ordering process is also detailed in their page if you are planning to order. 

Happy fiesta! 

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