Mommy Dolor's Hamonado + Bottled Adobong Pusit

Mommy Dolor's Hamonado + Bottled Adobong Pusit

Ever since we started being in quarantine, celebrations are now made at home. I'm not sure how applicable this set-up is to your family, but for us, what we do is to choose a theme/cuisine. Then, we order from different restaurants/stores to build our menu that is anchored on the said cuisine. 

Take my mom's birthday celebration which was Filipino-themed. We ordered from Bayani Gourmet, Aling Mely's and Mommy Dolor's. The latter will be the focus of this blog post particularly its hamonado and bottled adobong pusit.  

Mommy Dolor's Kitchen - Heirloom Recipes

Mommy Dolor's Kitchen offers delivery, so we took advantage of that one. Let me share their menu, so that you have an idea of what they offer. Prices may change and currently reflect those that were lifted as of this writing.

The Hamonado (P950) comes in this huge plastic container, and it is filled with lots of hamonado. You'll not be disappointed by the serving size. All the more that you'll not be disappointed once you taste the dish. The sauce has this pineapple hint giving it its savory sweetness, and the hamonado itself is richly marinated. It also has salted egg aside from the visible hotdogs. For me, it was the use of salted egg that made this dish extra special. It added a better dynamic to the overall flavor with its playful saltiness. 

I very much recommend this dish! Hands down.

Mommy Dolor's Kitchen - Fiesta Hamonado

The Adobong Pusit (P350/jar) is another stellar dish with its immensely flavorful sauce which was full and creamy. As the sauce touch your buds, it will leave a memorable imprint with its delicate taste! It's amazing how it was delicate yet still malasa. The pusit was also tender making the overall experience very enjoyable! 

Aling Dolor's Adobong Pusit En Su Tinta

Should you also be interested to try Mommy Dolor's offerings, I've embedded their FB post below for your convenience along with the ordering instructions. Happy fiesta! 

MOMMY DOLOR'S KITCHEN (Available within Metro Manila) ‼️For delivery only HOW TO ORDER: 📍Send us your complete details...

Posted by Mommy Dolor's Kitchen on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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