Must Try Steaks and Pasta Dishes in Dillinger's 1903, Greenbelt

Dillingers 1903 in Greenbelt 3, Makati
Dillingers 1903 in Greenbelt 3, Makati
Whenever friends ask me what I can recommend in Greenbelt, I often found myself dumbfounded. Fortunately, I got to try Torch Restaurant earlier this year, and right then, I knew I found something I can recommend. However, giving only one recommendation (or let's say 2 if I include Ramen Nagi) seemed to be not enough. People want options; hence, I need to recommend more than one.

Well, guess what? I found another one unexpectedly.

The Story Behind the Discovery
I was not familiar with Dillingers. I just heard about it through one of my colleagues when he was sharing about a deal in Metrodeal that gives 40% discount in this restaurant called Dillinger's. I thought it was a great deal, and so I voted for the idea. Soon after, we were already on our way to the resto.

Old-Fashioned Ambiance in Dillingers 1903 of Greenbelt, Makati
The interior of Dillinger's 1903 under the natural light
Dillingers - Old-fashioned, Cozy and Sophisticated
One of the reasons why I didn't have any idea of Dillinger's existence, aside it not being located in a more prominent spot, is its dreary and possibly scary entrance door. However, beyond that door is a cozy dimly lit interior exuding a sophisticated feel.

Now, let's head onto the dishes and start with the appetizers, shall we?

Oyster Fritters || P245
Deep fried beer-commeal coated fresh oysters with remoulade sauce
The oyster fritters appetizer of Dillingers, Greenbelt 3
The oyster fritters appetizer of Dillinger's, Greenbelt 3
The oyster appetizer was not bad, but there was something that I found a little off, preventing me to enjoy it. Maybe, it was overcooked, or maybe the oyster wasn't as fresh. I'm not too sure.

Cajun Chicken Fingers || P295
Deep fried battered and cajun seasoned chicken breast served with honey-mustard sauce
Cajun Chicken Fingers of Dillinger's 1903
The regular-tasting yet still okay Cajun Chicken Fingers
The chicken fingers were nice especially the tangy honey mustard dip, but I feel that given a limited budget, you should forego this one and allocate it in the pasta or the steak (if the budget permits).

Buffalo Wings || P265 - 6 pcs || P655 - 18 pcs || P1,395 - 42 pcs 
Dillinger's award-winning chicken wings fried to perfection tossed in the secret buffalo sauce served with blue cheese dip
An extremely well-prepared Buffalo Wings of Dillingers
An extremely well-prepared Buffalo Wings of Dillingers
The buffalo wings had this mildy tangy and zesty spiciness that both tickles and refreshes the taste buds. The bleu cheese dip that went with it was also heavily complementary. There was a lot of greatness in this dish!

Dillingers 1903 also offers all-day breakfast, but we only had the chance to try one.

Big Breakfast || P295
A full monty breakfast of crispy bacon, sauteed sausages, scrambled eggs, hash brown, grilled tomatoes and fresh fruits
Big Breakfast dish of Dillinger's 1903
Big Breakfast dish of Dillinger's 1903
The breakfast dish was okay, but not as exciting as the other dishes. I suggest that you allocate your funds to other dishes instead, unless you really like this kind of breakfast.

Now, unexpectedly so, the pasta dishes here in Dillingers 1903 are something to look forward to (except for one that I've tried)!

Seafood Pasta || P295
Spaghetti in pesto sauce topped with the freshest seafood catch of the day
The Seafood Pesto Pasta of Dillinger's 1903
The Seafood Pesto Pasta -- fresh but may be too greasy
Although considerably fresh, this Seafood Pasta had a rather greasy feel that diminished my enjoyment. However, the generosity in the seafood inclusions was notable.

Amatriciana || P275
Dillinger's take on the classic Amatriciana pasta with pancetta and parmesan cheese
Amatriciana Pasta of Dillinger's 1903, Greenbelt
Amatriciana Pasta of Dillinger's 1903, Greenbelt
The Amatriciana was also great with its meaty taste and balanced sweetness-and-sourness combination. This is definitely my kind of red-sauce pasta!

Note: The serving for this one is also larger than the truffle pasta.

Truffle Pasta || P295 
Truffled creamy spaghetti with parmesan cheese
Best Truffle Pasta of Dillinger's 1903
The best dish of Dillinger's 1903 under the book of A Not-So-Popular Kid
The truffle pasta was reasonably priced and had this distinct yet balanced truffle essence that I really fell for! It was so balanced that no matter how much you eat of this truffle, you won't get tired of the flavor. Aaaargh, I'm actually craving for it as of this writing.

Anyway, it's now my most loved pasta here in Makati!

Carbonara || P245 
Fettuccini tossed in an egg-cream sauce topped with bacon bits and parmesan cheese
The carbonara, though has no photo here in the blog, was also noteworthy and not to mention very affordably priced! It had this dreamy creamy taste that brushed through the taste buds. It further makes rapport with the palate as you take more of the pasta.  Definitely, it is one of the best carbonara that I've tasted in Greenbelt so far.

Cheeseburger || P330
Premium beef patty served on  a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and cheese served with a side of salad
Dillinger's 1903 Cheeseburger served with fries and coleslaw
Dillinger's 1903 Cheeseburger served with fries and coleslaw
The burger was my least favorite among the dishes we had, but nonetheless it was nice and okay. Nothing so special except for the tenderness of the patty.

Alright, now we are down to the main event - the Steaks of Dillingers 1903. Let's get it on!

Ribeye Steak || P750 
USDA Black Angus Ribeye grilled to your preference servedd with a choice of red wine or bearnaise sauce
Ribeye Steak of Dillingers 1903, Greenbelt
The tender Ribeye steak of Dillinger's with prominent marbling - excellent!
The photo above shows only a third of the Ribeye Steak, since we had it divided into 3 portions. Quite excellent, I should admit.

Peppersteak || P530 
Black pepper crusted Australian beef tenderloin served with peppercorn sauce
Dillinger's 1903 - Peppersteak!
Peppersteak - the relatively affordable steak that provides immensely comforting flavors!
The Peppersteak had this noticeable marbling and comforting tenderness. Go for the medium rare to maximize flavor and softness. It's one of the relatively affordable steak here in Greenbelt as it provided me an immensely comforting flavors!

Filletmignon || P585
Center cut of Australian beef tenderloin seasoned with herbs and wrapped with bacon served with a red wine sauce
Dillinger's 1903 Filetmignon - bacon wrapped steak
Dillinger's 1903 Filetmignon - bacon wrapped steak!
The filet mignon had almost the same goodness as the peppersteak. The main difference lies on the presence of bacon wrapping over the meat. If you would ask me, I would still go for the Peppersteak.

Alright, that's probably all I can blog about Dillinger's, but before I end it I want to share with you how much we loved the place.
Renz Cheng (A Not-So-Popular Kid) with SGV friends
A Not-So-Popular Kid in Dillinger's 1903 for the first time with some friends at work
Remember my story earlier? Well, after our great dining experience here in Dillinger's, we couldn't get over it, so we went for a repeat the following day. Yes. We were that obsessed!

Renz Cheng in Dillinger's 1903, Greenbelt 3, Makati
A Not-So-Popular Kid with the awesome friends in Dillinger's 1903
The story doesn't end there either because on the Sunday of that week, I invited my family to try the place as well. Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe I don't love Dillinger's that much, do I? *wink wink*

Dillingers 1903 - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service  ★☆
Value for Money ★★★ 
Budget: At least P400 each (for a group consisting of at least 4) to enjoy an appetizer, two pasta dishes and peppersteak for sharing

Overall, I was dazzled by most of the dishes I tried specifically the Peppersteak, the Amatriciana, the Carbonara and most importantly the Truffle Pasta. I'm urging you try them as well. Also, since I ordered those dishes twice-to-thrice already all at the same week (i.e. Thursday, Friday and Sunday), I can in a way vouch for the quality of these mentioned dishes.

Looks like I found another favorite in the area, and may even bump out Torch in the number one (no. 1) spot of my Most Loved Restaurants in Greenbelt, Makati.

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How about you - do you recommend this place?

Dillinger's 1903 - Steak & Brew
Location: Level 3, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City (beside Redbox)

Contact No.: (02) 6216790
Service Charge: 10% before VAT
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