Flaming Wings Taft Avenue - Delivery Review

Flaming Wings Taft Avenue - Delivery Review

It's true enough that our firsts often stick around in our memory. First love. First intimate moment. First heartbreak. First pay. Now, what about first buffalo wings? Yup, it's a core memory for me, and that happens to be Flaming Wings

I'm going to share this photo of me 7 years ago. This was taken in Flaming Wings near De La Salle University. We really frequented this place a lot before, and if you want me to take you back in time, you may read the blog post here: Chicken Tenders and More in FLAMING WINGS, Taft Avenue)

Renz Cheng in Flaming Wings Circa 2013
Renz Cheng in Flaming Wings Circa 2013
(PS: I never again attempted to have my hair done like this)

Flaming Wings Chicken Tender in Garlic Parmesan Sauce

Given this age of quarantine, one of my new hobbies is to browse for something interesting in Foodpanda (and of course look for deals). One fine morning, I was scrolling through it, and I was surprised to see Flaming Wings on the list. Waves of memories flooded me, and the next thing I knew, I was clicking on "Order Now". 

Mild N' Sweet Chicken Tenders of Flaming Wings

I ordered three (3) orders of chicken tenders, each in different sauce and dip priced at P130/order.  The first one was Garlic Parmesan with Honey Mustard Dip, which I found a bit below par due to saltiness and lack of harmony in the flavor. Thankfully, the sweet-tanginess of the dip somehow balances it out.

The second was Mild N' Sweet in Ranch Dip. I liked how it was true to its name -- very subtle kick and rightly sweet. 

Flaming Wings Chicken Tenders - Smokey BBQ

The Smoky BBQ with Balsamic Mayo was the reverse of the first combo. This time, I loved the right balance of sweetness, spiciness and smokiness of the sauce. It was the dip that didn't pair well. So, I suggest you try other dip for this.

5pcs Buffalo Wings in Nashville Heat Sauce of Flaming Wings

While the tenders may not be as great the way I remembered them, these 5pcs Buffalo Wings in Nashville Heat Sauce (P330) is literally the bomb! The crispness gives it a playful crunch when you bite it, and the intense heat just makes it even more fun to gorge down.

I'm not sure if Flaming Wings has its own delivery service, but you can find it, as of this writing, in Foodpanda website and/or app. Check it out and reminisce your first love (or old favorite)! 

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