Chicken Tenders and More in FLAMING WINGS, Taft Avenue

Four years in DLSU, and I still keep on coming back to Flaming Wings!

Students have heard about Flaming Wings even before they entered DLSU (or ADMU, since there is one is Katipunan), or at the least, when they were in their frosh days. That's how popular the place is. Well, in fact, the place is so famous that you will often have a hard time being seated, especially if you are coming in as a group. Thus, it is a matter of luck whether you get to eat there or not. Try to go there before 11:20 am because that's the time people start to find places to have lunch in, so you need to be ahead of them. 

Anyway, just to share with you, if I will count how many times I dined here, I'll say it's about 12 to 15 already. Of course, there are times when I get too bored with the taste, but after some time, I suddenly get the urge back. Hence, when I recently experienced that urge again, I decided to blog about it. 

Flaming Wings - Home of the Chicken Tenders and Buffalo Wings

I will no longer deal with the specifics of the place except for the probable need for it to be renovated (or have the air-conditioning units fixed/replaced). We will proceed with the food, and of course start with their best-seller: Chicken Tenders Meal at P130
Tenders Meal of Flaming Wings
Tenders Meal: Original Sauce and Honey Mustard Dip
When I first tasted this back in my frosh year, I remember experiencing something unique for my taste buds - distinct flavors highlighted by a hint of spiciness. However, at the present, I no longer experience that same kind of pleasurable dining, but luckily I still manage to enjoy it.

This Tenders Meal comes with a cup of rice, drink (choice of red iced tea, pink lemonade and bottled water), dip and the chicken tenders. To add to the fun, the choices do not end there. You still need to pick your sauce and dip combination.

For the sauce, you have the following choices:
  • Original - a bit tangy with the right level of heat
  • Mild n' Sweet - reduced spiciness with a blend of honey
  • Smoky BBQ - southern style barbecue with a little kick
  • Wild - the spiciest of them all
  • Oriental Zing - oriental-style glaze
  • Carribean Jerk - "true taste of the islands; bold combination of herbs and spices with a twist of lime"

For the dips, you have the following choices:
  • Blue Cheese, Balsamic Mayo, Ranch, Wasabi Mayo, Honey Mustard or Aioli

My Recommended Combinations:
  1. Carribean Jerk with Blue Cheese - this is my ultimate favorite!
  2. Original with Honey Mustard
  3. Smoky BBQ with Ranch
Now, let me show you the other alternative which is the Wing Meal at P130:
Wing Meal of Flaming Wings
Wing Meal: 3 Pieces Wings with Honey Mustard Dip
Actually, this dish has no distinct difference with the tenders meals except that this one is made of chicken wings. It's only a matter of preference which one to have. This is the good thing about Flaming Wings - you have a lot of options!

Another thing that I like about Flaming Wings is the availability of affordable pasta dishes. Of course, I have to admit that the quality and taste are compromised but not to the point that the dishes become unenjoyable to eat. Here's the Penne with Sausage and Peppers at P130:
Penne with Sausage and Peppers in Flaming Wings
Penne with Sausage and Peppers in Red Sauce
As I mentioned, the taste was not that unique and special, but it passed my "ability-to-give-delight test". What I want to highlight is that I enjoyed the taste of the sausages in the pasta. They blended well with the red sauce (which could have been in olive oil sauce, depending on your preference). Oh, and the serving was generous enough to fill your tummy up for lunch!

For the desserts, we did have any, but try the Wicked Oreos at P75. 

There you have it - Flaming Wings in Taft Avenue near De La Salle University (DLSU)! Share your experience by commenting below! I would love to hear from you!

Not So Popular Kid in Flaming Wings
Me with the Pasta!

Special Thanks to JD Castillo for letting me use his phone once more for the photos.

5624 Taft Avenue (near DLSU)
Malate, Manila

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