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Foodgasm III Collection of Food Buisnesses

Just before we welcomed September 2013, UP Economics Society held its awesome Foodgasm fund-raising activity in Mercato Centrale, BGC. This year's the third time they held this event which had the official title of Foodgasm III - Triple the Flavor!

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a food-blogger-judge, and so here I am sharing my fantastic experience with you! Anyway, part of this blog will focus on my experience in general, but the bulk of this post will be the presentation of the food businesses (which you may click on to view a separate blog post about it).

The Event - Foodgasm III: Triple the Flavor!

I was able to arrive their 5 minutes after 6:00 pm when everyone was still trying to get everything set. The official briefing happened around 6:25 pm. Afterwards, we were given the opportunity to take photos of the food! 

Finally, I was given the full right to take photos, unlike in other restaurants (especially those offering buffets) where I needed to sneakily take some shots. At 7:00 pm, they began the feast, and let the participants enter the venue. This was how it looked like after the participants came in - a typical Mercato scene, if you'll ask me to describe it:

Foodgasm III in Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City
Foodgasm III in Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City
The Food Businesses

Foodgasm III Winners (August 31, 2013): 
  • Coco Royal || Most Innovative Award 
  • Pepito's Pinoy Sorbet || Expert's Choice Award 
  • B.Wings || Foodgasm Champion
  • Schmidt's || People's Choice

Here is the collection of food businesses during Foodgasm III. You may want to check each of them by clicking on the photos. Enjoy, and remember to control your foodgasm!

Giga Bite
The Sultry Chef 
Angus Tapa
Twisted Desserts
Choco ATBP
Pepito's Pinoy Sorbet

Flavor Ave.
Chef Bab's Sizzling Sisig
Shawie Bakes
The Cupcake Dealer
Susana's Kitchen 
The Juice Barista

Little Donkey 
Monster Butter
Pastry Playground
Eve's Cakes and Sweets 
Fat Cupcake 
Coco Royal

Before I end this blog post, I want to share with photo. This event for me is memorable, since it was my first time to be invited in an event. Although, this may not be entirely considered as something big, this small step is still made me an inch closer to being a successful food blogger! 

A Not-So-Popular Kid (Renz Cheng) in Foodgasm III
A Not-So-Popular Kid in Foodgasm III - my first event! 
Cheers! Thank you to all of you who supported me in this writing journey! Hopefully, as I continue to traverse this path, you will still be there for me.

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  1. It was nice seeing you there, Renz! :)

    1. It was nice seeing you too, Mich! Hopefully, we can manage to do some chit-chats on our next food events!

      Also, I am hoping to finish all the Foodgasm 3 related posts before the 2nd term starts. Haha!


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