Indus Modern Indian Kitchen in BGC - A Must Try!

Indus Modern Indian Kitchen in BGC - A Must Try!

Given that I worked in BGC for a while along with my frequent visits during the weekends, I thought that I already explored all the interesting restaurants in the area. However, I was wrong. Normally I get too proud to admit it, but for this case, I was happy that I was. Apparently, there is this modern Indian restaurant called Indus that is slightly isolated along the 25th Street of BGC, and I'm very excited to share more about it here in this blog post. 

Indus Modern Indian Kitchen in 25th St. BGC

How did I discover Indus? 
My brother's girlfriend got to dine in here during a despedida party for one of her colleagues, who also happen to be an Indian national. Not only did her colleague give a seal of approval. The entire team who was with her that night were also all satisfied with the experience. Hence, on one weekend, she recommended that we try Indus, and so we did.

Locating Indus 
Indus may easily miss the eye because it is far from the usual cluster of restaurants we are familiar with. This is because the restaurant is nestled close to the edge of the Makati-BGC border (near the long road that passes through Forbes Park Village). The closest landmark would be the Sun Life Financial. Anyway, as usual, the best way to locate it is through any maps app.

Interior of Indus Indian Restaurant in BGC

What makes Indus interesting? 
Indus makes Indian restaurant less intimidating by making its approach modern yet friendly which is reflected by the ambiance and interior. The menu is also straightforward wherein the choices are considerably lean making it less overwhelming. For me, this helps a lot when you are new to the cuisine. Previously, I went to an Indian restaurant and I got pretty overwhelmed with tons of selection, hence I do appreciate how they handpicked the best ones and also included descriptions and photos to help in the selection process. 

Now speaking of dishes, let's explore some of the ones we had that night. Oh but wait, before we jump to that I just want to give a shoutout to the delicious lassi here in Indus.

Salted Lassi of Indus Modern Indian KitchenRose Lassi of Indus Modern Indian Kitchen
Wonderfully curated lassi drinks in Indus Modern Indian Kitchen

Don't miss on the lassi!
Priced at just around P200, you'd get a glass of curated lassi of your choice. Lassi is a yogurt-based drink, and it's really refreshing. It may also serve as your palate cleanser as you work your way through the main dishes. My personal favorite is the Rose Lassi.

Raita - Yogurt Appetizer, Indus Modern Indian KitchenTandoori Salmon by Indus Indian Restaurant
Raita (left) and Tandoori Salmon (right)

If you will not be getting a lassi, I suggest you order Raita (photo above on the left) because it comes handy as a palate cleanser. 

We ordered Salmon Tandoori for my mom, since she wants to have fish for dinner. However, I personally do not recommend that you order this, not because it was not good, but mostly because I want you to be able to try something else -- something more attuned to the cuisine. 

Paneer Tikka Zafrani - a must try in Indus Restaurant, BGC
Paneer Tikka Zafrani - a must try in Indus Restaurant, BGC

My personal top picks in Indus
Just in case you find yourself clueless as to what to try, let me share with you my top picks from the night:
  • Chicken Malai Tikka - these are so tender that they melt in your mouth, but as it melts a mouthful of juicy flavors burst out 
  • Butter Chicken - this features the same chicken above added with a buttery sauce that goes well with naan
  • Paneer Tikka Zafrani - for the cheese lovers! These are cottage cheese drenched in semi-sweet safron cream
  • Dal Makhani - for the bean/lentil lovers, and those who want to go veggie mode

Dal Makhani  of Indus RestaurantChicken Malai Tikka of Indus Indian Restaurant
Dal Makhani (left) and Chicken Malai Tikka (right)

Butter Chicken of Indus Modern Indian Kitchen, BGC
Butter Chicken - features the same excellent Chicken Tikka with a buttery creamy sauce

Ultimate Top Pick - Almond Malai Broccoli
Broccoli? Yes, I couldn't believe it at first either. However, this was hands down something that took me off guard. I didn't know that a simple vegetable can be so culinarily delightful. There was this smokey taste that envelopes the broccoli giving it this really unique blend of flavors. The smokiness, although bold and intense, is cradled by the cheese and other spices which make every bite still balanced. Hands-down, this is the best I had for the night (the surprise factor really did the trick)!

Almond Malai Brocccoli by Indus Restaurant in Taguig CityPalak Gosht of Indus Modern Indian Kitchen
Almond Malai Brocccoli (left) and Palak Gosht (right)

Never skip the Naan! 
Your Indian culinary adventure will not be complete without pairing all the above with a naan. It just feels so fun being able to dip the bread to the savory sauce your mains. The naan also provides balance to the overall taste which is why it's a must to order these! 

Naan - The Holy Grail of Indian Cuisine - Indus in BGC
Naan - The Holy Grail of Indian Cuisine

We will definitely be back here in Indus, and I plan to bring some of my friends as well to introduce them to Indian cuisine. I know a lot may find it intimidating but there's just something different about Indus that makes it palatable for first-timers. Try it out, and let me know what you think!

Indus Modern Indian Kitchen
25th St, Taguig, Metro Manila
Operating Hours: 11 AM to 10:30 PM

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