Sushi Ten's Authentic Chirashi Bowl in Malate - A Must-Try!

Sushi Ten's Authentic Chirashi Bowl in Malate - A Must-Try!

I just recently discovered this hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Sushi Ten. It serves high-quality authentic Japanese dishes, and they have this chirashi bowl that is filled with mouthsploding seafood goodness. It instantly got me hooked at first bite, and I am confident that sushi/sashimi enthusiasts will love this place.

Sushi Ten Restaurant in Sheraton Manila Bay, Malate, Manila

Why do I say that it's hole-in-the-wall? 
I tried searching this restaurant in Google, but I couldn't seem to find anything. I tried Facebook, and I also got nothing. One of the possible reasons is that Sushi Ten just recently opened late December 2022. Perhaps after a few months, there will be some digital footprints to trace. 

Aside from the lack of online visibility, Sushi Ten is physically located at the second floor of Adriatico Square, Sheraton Hotel Manila Bay. Hence, it's not something that you can easily just stumble upon. This, of course has a charm in itself, and I just felt happy discovering this place.

Sushi Ten's high-quality chirashi bowl - Malate, Manila

When I arrived at the place, there was just one other diner aside from me. I looked around and then felt this intimate coziness from the limited seating along with its straight-forward modern interior. The staff were very friendly as they explain more about the best-sellers, and that added more to the excitement brewing inside me.

I was in a mood for a chirashi bowl, so I flipped through the hefty menu. I found that there there were 3 variations to choose from. Prices of the bowls range from P800 to P900 (as of December 2022). Among the three, I went for the one with salmon, tuna, unagi and squid. Although I haven't tasted the other 2, I very much recommend this bowl as well. 

Free miso soup for the chirashi bowl of Sushi Ten Restaurant, Malate
Each order of chirashi bowl comes with a tasty hot-warming miso soup

Isn't it too pricey to pay P800 - P900 for a chirashi bowl?
This was also my initial reaction when I saw the prices, considering that some Japanese restaurants offer the same bowl for about P500. However, upon contemplating on it, I felt like there was a reason why Sushi Ten's chirashi was priced like that. This then heightened my expectation, but despite that, it was still met, exceeded even, as I indulged on the bowl.

Chirashi Bowl of Sushi Ten Restaurant, Must-Try for 2023

What makes the chirashi bowl of Sushi Ten exceptional?
The sourcing of ingredients for me made such a huge difference, and perhaps even the handling. All the sashimi within the bowl were of peak freshness, such immensity that all of them melt as they glide inside the mouth. This is then followed by an explosive seafood goodness that makes my heart flutter. I finished the bowl with a smile on my face. 

I was able to dine in various Japanese restaurant, but my experience here in Sushi Ten simply stands out. To date, this is where I had the best sashimi in Metro Manila

Sushi Ten is part of the food group that owns Gyumon Yakiniku Restaurant. It operates only during lunch (11:30 AM to 2:00 PM), and dinner (5:00 PM to 10:00 PM). They charge 8% service charge, and allows credit card payments. Reservations and/or inquiry can be made via (02) 8528 1658.

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