Bhest Premium Beef Lasagna - The Meatiest Lasagna in Town!

Bhest Premium Beef Lasagna - The Meatiest Lasagna in Town!

I had Bhest Lasagna for my birthday, and I got fortunate that Bhest was able to accommodate my order despite being fully booked / sold out for the day. It completed my chicken + lasagna theme for my birthday. In this blog post, I'll be sharing about Bhest's Premium Beef Lasagna, and perhaps do some comparison with those that I was able to try.

Bhest Lasagna Premium Beef - Logo

Before that, let me just take you back a few years when I got to try Bhest Lasagna. We were in Antipolo along with some of my blogger family (the KTG) throwing despedida for Jeng, wherein we had some afternoon to evening feast. One of the dishes we had was Bhest Lasagna, and I remember loving it back then, so I got pretty excited to be reunited to it again. 

Bhest's Premium Beef Lasagna - Delivery

Bhest's Lasagna came in strongly tantalizing as we opened it up, and the aroma enveloped the room making our mouth water. Interestingly, there are three variants of Bhest Lasagna, including their best-selling Lasagna Laing. However, for this occasion, I availed the Premium Beef.

Bhest Lasagna's Premium Beef

True to its description, Bhest's Premium Beef Lasagna was indeed meaty! Every bite has a lot of meat to it, giving you that protein boost. Hence, meat lovers will surely this. On a precautionary note, some may find the generous serving of meat too tasty (which may put the palate off-balance). Hence, you may manage this by taking smaller portions and pair it with, let's say, chicken with which we did. 

Bhest Lasagna is generally cheesy that compliments the meatiness and the subtle sweetness of the tomato sauce. Also, the pasta itself is al dente giving you a good mix of texture in the mouth.

A slice of Bhest Premium Beef Lasagna - Metro Manila Delivery

By the way, if you are looking for some chicken to pair with your lasagna, I suggest the chicken tenders of Orange and Spices (read more). It will surely boost the experience further! 

Bhest Lasagna and Chicken Combo

If you are looking for other lasagna, below are some that I also recommend along with their overall taste profile:
  • Mum's Lasagna - meaty, creamy and very filling! Also, this is visually amazing!
  • The Hungry Sib - creamy, with moderate meat, and more saucy -- very balanced taste that you easily won't get tired off

Now, if you are going for Bhest Lasagna, you can order via their IG page (@bhestlasagna). They are pretty responsive and accommodating, so you won't have any worries.

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