Mum's Lasagna for Metro Manila Delivery

Mum's Lasagna for Metro Manila Delivery

Craving for highly indulgent lasagna? Mum's Lasagna is ready to fix that craving for you. 

We got to try this at home when my brother's girlfriend surprised him with a delivery from Mum's Lasagna. It was a medium tray of the best-selling lasagna. I checked it out in their IG page, and I found out that one medium tray of lasagna costs P1,200 which is good for 8-10 pax.

Mum's Lasagna Logo

It came in still warm and freshly baked just as they promised. Unfortunately, the travel might have been a bit rough which caused the cheese and the sauce to slide ruining the pattern. You can scroll down below to see how it should have looked. 

Mum's Lasagna Medium Tray

Still, when we removed the foil on top, the fresh aroma wafted through the air accelerating our hunger. All of us took out our phones as we take photos of this vibrant dish. When the photo shoot was over, we immediately dug into this dish! 

Close up photo of Mum's Lasagna

Having taking a spoonful, I was washed away by the immense creaminess of the white sauce with melted cheese. It was heavy and it paired well with the sweet, almost Filipino-style, red sauce. 

While I loved the richness in taste, I was easily taken to my satiation point. My buds easily tire out when it comes to too delicious, too indulgent dishes. Of course, the solution here is to only take small portion, and just have another session later or the next day. It's no biggie, since it's easy to heat it up if you have an oven / oven toaster at home. 

If you are a fan of a more balanced taste, I recommend that you try Doña Mila's Special Lasagna (read more)

Plated Mum's Lasagna

Thumbs up for this dish, and I'd say this is great for parties and celebrations! I'm embedding here Mum's Lasagna IG post, so you can easily check it out. 

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