Doña Mila's Special Lasagna - Delivery Review

Doña Mila's Special Lasagna - Delivery Review

If we are looking at silver linings in this era of pandemic, one of them is how we are starting to discover more recipes from various parts of the Metro (be it an existing food shops or new ones). Doña Mila is one of them which happened to be discovered by my sister when she was browsing for some lasagna that caters same-day delivery.

Doña Mila's Lasagna - Metro Manila

Doña Mila apparently has been serving lasagna since 1990, and we wouldn't have discovered this if not due to the acceleration of the entire food delivery system we have now. Anyway, my sister was craving for some lasagna, so she searched some recommendations online. However, she wanted to have it on the same day because the craving was intense. Unfortunately, a lot of those that are recommended need advance booking, so she resorted to Doña Mila.

Doña Mila's Special Lasagna Party Tray

My sister ordered for the Baked Lasagna Party Tray (P1,450 for 10-12 pax) in the morning, and we got it that afternoon. Now, before we go over the lasagna, I just want to share the ordering process. So, what you need to do is to order via IG, and then coordinate a separate rider to pick up your order. 

A slice of Doña Mila's Special Lasagna

Anyway, although Doña Mila was not our first choice, it certainly proved to be a fantastic choice! You can clearly see the thick layer of cheese calling us by our name. The moment we sliced the lasagna, the cheese danced, and so we did.

Doña Mila's Special Lasagna

The great thing about Doña Mila's version of lasagna is how the taste was all balanced from start to finish. In simple words, there's no sawa factor to it, and you can really eat it up in one sitting. Let's just put it that way. This was good for 10-12 pax, but we were able to finish it all up, and we were just 4 at home. 

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I'm sharing Doña Mila's Instagram post below, so that it will be easy for you to be redirected. Menu and ordering instruction can be viewed via their IG page. Indulge into the cheesiness! 

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