The Hungry Sib's Best-Tasting Classic Lasagna, Metro Manila

The Hungry Sib's Best-Tasting Classic Lasagna, Metro Manila

The Hungry Sib's lasagna is currently the best lasagna I tasted to date (aside from my sister's, of course), and here in this blog post I'll be sharing a few notes as to why I'm claiming it to be my current best.


ALL BEEF LASAGNA LARGE - P1,100 (serves 9-10 pax)
The Hungry Sibs' lasagna has 5 layers, although it may not seem thick with how it appeared, which I find helpful in make each bite very manageable (i.e. not overwhelming the buds with too much things happening). The relative thinness also helps in making each bite glide in the mouth.

The sauce was rightly seasoned giving it the right sweet-tomatoey blend. 


This is then topped with a relatively thick, creamy yet smooth bΓ©chamel on top that gives the overall taste this indulgent flavor. 

The Hungry Sibs' Classic Lasagna - Metro Manila

The reason why I very much love this lasagna is because I can eat a lot of it without getting my buds overly saturated, or what we call the suya-factor. In fact, I can imagine myself finishing an entire tray, since if you'd recall my taste profile (read more about it in the About page), I very much am a huge fan of dishes with balanced flavor, and this was perfectly it! 

Here are other food businesses/shops with which I love their lasagna:
  • Mum's Lasagna - meaty, creamy and very filling! Also, this is visually amazing!
  • DoΓ±a Mila - classic meaty, less creamy, more cheesy

If you are feeling the urge to satisfy the cravings, don't fight it. Give in. Here let me make it easier for you by sharing this IG Page of The Hungry Sibs where you can order:

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