Orange and Spices Chicken Cajun, Buffalo Bites - timeless classic!

Orange and Spices Chicken Cajun, Buffalo Bites - timeless classic!

Starting out as a college favorite, Orange and Spices remain to be a timeless favorite for chicken tenders, something you should not miss!  You'll also love the story of determination behind Orange and Spices, with which makes me look up to it even more.

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Posted by Orange and Spices on Monday, January 18, 2021

Orange & Spices: a pandemic story of great determination
The owner of Orange and Spices once opened up that the pandemic has put them in the brink of bankruptcy. With no students coming to the university, their sales have plummeted to almost zero. However, the owner (despite feeling overwhelmingly discouraged) put forth the needs of those who are depending on him for livelihood, such as his crew members as well as his family. Banking on this along with his determination to face the challenges, he decides to press on (yes, present tense, because even to this day, everyday is a battle for him). He didn't want to abandon his responsibilities, creditors, and most especially his employees. 

This story of such struggle yet of great determination moved me deeply, and hence I try to support in the best way I could. Besides, I really love Orange and Spices, and I'd definitely want it to stay. Part of my college memories are anchored to it, and to see it standing also means to me.

Cajun Chicken of Orange and Spices, Taft Avenue

Orange & Spices: affordably delicious!
One of my old time favorites here is the cajun chicken which is one of the three variants of chicken tenders offered here in the resto (all of which are amazing, by the way). My mom is a bit sensitive to spicy food, so she wanted the classic one. As a compromise, I ordered the Trio Sampler - all 3 flavors! This also allowed me to try the buffalo bites. 

Chicken Tenders of Orange and Spices in EGI Taft

Classic Chicken Tenders - playfully crunchy with rightly seasoned chicken breast, goes well with the honey mustard dip

Cajun Tenders - enjoyably spicy (the cayenne type of spicy) that boosts your appetite as you munch. Also goes well with the dip!

Buffalo Bites by Orange & Spices, Taft Avenue - for Delivery

Buffalo Bites - this one caught me off guard with its savory goodness mixed with a playful kick from the sauce. An instant favorite, and something I'd recommend. 

On a side note, I was also celebrating my birthday when I tried this Trio Sampler, and I discovered that they go well with lasagna. That time, I also had some Premium Beef Lasagna from Bhest (read more).

Orange and Spices' Chicken Tenders go well with lasagna!

Other recommended dishes
These are not in the photos above, but I also recommend their grilled liempo, beef salpicao and chicken parimigiano! All are consistently good. 

Order now by dropping a message to their FB page, Orange and Spices. You may also use this order form to get your orders.

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