Yogost's Refreshing Yogurt Drinks for Delivery

Yogost's Refreshing Yogurt Drinks for Delivery

A world full of milk tea may at times be too saturating for the palate, and some deviations can just do the trick in refreshing our buds. This was our motivation when we searched for something different to drink. That's how we stumbled upon Yogost in Grab Food. It took us only a few seconds of contemplation, then we gave it a go. 

In this blog post, we'll be reviewing 4 out their drinks. Let's check 'em out! 

Yogost Refreshing Yogurt Drink

I'm not sure if Yogost is also available in other food ordering apps, but it was in Grab Food where we found it. In there, you are offered with plenty of options. They have fruit drinks, tea drinks, and of course, the core product -- collection of yogurt-based drinks. The average price of the drinks is at around P150, which is reasonable considering that this is yogurt. 

Yogost Drinks - Strawberry Yogurt, Classic Yogurt Purple Rice
From Left to Right. Love Your Strawberry Much (P154), Cheereo (P165), Just Avo-Cuddle (P176) and Classic Yogost Purple Rice (P138)

The Love Your Strawberry Much (Strawberry Yogurt) has this fruity berry infusion that goes well with the sweet-zesty blend of the yogurt. My sister added purple rice for this just out of curiosity. While it added a unique texture to the drink, it made it too heavy on the belly. However, if you are into a carbo-heavy drink, then you should definitely try it out too! 

The Classic Yogost Purple Rice shares the same goodness of the above, just without the fruity berry blend. Definitely classic.

Yogost Drinks - Just Avo-Cuddle (Avocado Yogurt), Cheereo (Oreo Yogurt), etc.

The Just Avo-Cuddle (Avocado Yogurt) which is my personal drink had a great mix of the creamy yogurt and avocado's earthy buttery goodness. It was so good that I consume it in a matter of just 5 minutes. 

The fourth one is Cheereo (Oreo Yogurt) which for me is the safest option for beginners (i.e. those who are just starting to appreciate yogurt drinks). This has the classic goodness of the yogurt but mixed with crushed oreo. Undeniably another golden classic! 

Classic Yogost Purple Rice

So there you go! These were the four drinks we were able to try, and definitely they were able to refresh and restart our palates. Yogurt is my first love and will always be! 

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