Black Scoop's Luscious Ghirardelli Frappe and Black Mascarpone Tub

Black Scoop's Luscious Ghirardelli Shake and Black Mascarpone Tub

Even before the pandemic, food delivery has already been rising in terms of usage. On weekends, I would normally browse through the catalog to search for something interesting. In a way, it became a tool for me to discover new stuff, and COVID-19 practically just sped this up. Today, these food delivery apps are already tied to our lifestyle, and perhaps even became a potential past time (i.e. food window-shopping). This is exactly how I discovered Black Scoop's Dark Chocolate Ghirardelli Frappe and Black Mascarpone Ice Cream Tub, which we will talk more about in this blog post.

Black Scoop Delivery - Ghirardelli Shake and Ice Cream Tub

The first thing I noticed when the order arrived was the packaging and the vibrant pink of the tubs. It exudes some sort of playful energy that made me feel good about it. Hence, let me grab this moment to commend Black Scoop for thinking through this packaging. 

Egg Waffle of Black Scoop Manila

I also ordered some egg waffle just so to balance the sweetness of both the frappe and the ice cream. While the waffle was able to neutralize the taste, the soggy texture (perhaps due to the excessive moisture from having it delivered) made it close to being lackluster. I'd be skipping this for next deliveries and maybe just try this in-store if I'll have the chance. 

Black Mascarpone Ice Cream w/ Graham - Black Scoop

The Black Mascarpone Ice Cream w/ Graham (P225) comes in this vibrant pink paper tub. It also comes with a pastel blue spoon which further make it enticing to indulge in. Once you open it up, you'll see a generous amount of graham powder, and as you dig through, the black mascarpone oozes out. 

Taste-wise, the ice cream has this sweet-salty push and pull. The taste of the mascarpone is prominent which will satisfy your cheesy dessert cravings. 

Ghirardelli Chocolate Frappe - Black Scoop

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Frappe (P200) comes in this large cup with visual streaks of chocolate syrup giving it this tantalizing appeal. As you take a sip, you'll feel the thickness of the frappe gliding through your buds then bursting with deep dark chocolate goodness. If you were able to taste Ghirardelli before (be it the chocolate bars or brownies), you'll clearly notice the familiar signature taste of Ghirardelli. Definitely a winner! 

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Black Scoop Delivery can be accessed via Foodpanda and Grab. If you come to a point whether you're just choosing one between these two, I'd say go for the Ghirardelli Shake. It's so indulgent with its deep dark chocolate goodness. Enjoy! 

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