Oishi So Authentic Takoyaki - Delivery Review

Oishi So Authentic Takoyaki - Delivery Review

As shared in my previous blog post on another takoyaki shop: Street Kings Takoyaki (read more), I've started the quest to find the best takoyaki within Metro Manila accessible via delivery. Hence, this is another exploration, Oisho So

Oishi So Takoyaki - Delivery in Metro Manila

Foodpanda has been my buddy when it comes to exploring new snacks/food to try. It was one of those usual days of scrolling through the app that I saw this new takoyaki place appearing on the list. Of course, as a huge takoyaki-fan, I got eager to try it out. In fact, I got all excited that I ordered 16 pcs of Classic Tako priced at P190 in Foodpanda.

Classic Tako of Oisho So in Road 17, Manila

The packaging was neat, and not prone to spillage, which preserves the generous takoyaki sauce within. If you are a sauce-intensive person, you'll definitely find this to your liking. Also, Oishi So's takoyaki is indeed considerably authentic given that it uses real octopus bits (however, I found it bitin). The traditional inclusions such as bonito flakes, Japanese mayo and nori-like powder also enhance this authenticity. 

Overall, Oishi So's takoyaki was able to pass the taste-test as it was able to stimulate the buds with its blend of flavors (the Japanese mayo helped a lot in bringing out that familiar taste I always look for in a takoyaki). As a suggestion, Oisho So may want to add more octobits inside the balls to further elevate the takoyaki experience. However, given that their takoyaki is offered at a relatively more affordable price, I'm giving it a thumb-up! 

Oisho So Authentic Takoyaki - Classic Tako

I'm sharing their Facebook post below containing the menu (e.g. price of the takoyaki), you have the option to directly contact them, or order via Foodpanda. Satisfy that craving today and support local businesses at the same time! 

Authentic japanese streetfood to satisfy your cravings! 🐙🐙🐙

Posted by Oishi-So Authentic Japanese Takoyaki on Thursday, June 11, 2020

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