Street Kings Takoyaki w/ Authentic Octopus - Delivery Review

Street Kings Takoyaki w/ Authentic Octopus - Delivery Review

Takoyaki has been my top favorite comfort food this season of quarantine. Nothing beats having this savory Japanese snack in between a strenuous afternoon work, and since I'm a huge takoyaki fan, I began my quest of finding great takoyaki around the metro which are accessible via delivery. At the end of this quest, although I'm not even halfway, I'll be publishing a list of my Top 10 Favorite Takoyaki for Delivery

For this recent discovery, I stumbled upon this while browsing through the Foodpanda app, and this popped out in the recommended list. The name of the food establishment is Street Kings Takoyaki, located at Leyte Street of San Andres, Manila.
Street Kings Takoyaki - Leyte Street, San Andres, Manila

First off, let's talk about the packaging, which based on some reviews within Foodpanda is prone to spillage. It comes in this soft plastic packaging which fortunately was able to hold of the sauce. However, I do understand that this type of material is indeed risky for spillage. You may even see in the photo above that the sauce was already starting to go-off the edges. Hence, advise the delivery guy in advance to be extra careful handling the package when having it delivered. 

Street Kings Special and Premium Takoyaki

I ordered two variants from Street Kings Takoyaki. Special Takoyaki (P180 for 12 pieces) and Premium Takoyaki (P290 for 12 pieces).

Note that prices here are the ones found in Foodpanda. Make sure to read the pro-tip at the end of this post, to know how to get these at cheaper prices.

Special Takoyaki with Octobits by Street Kings

There's no obvious distinction in appearance for the Special and Premium Takoyaki, but once you take a bite, you'll find a whole baby octopus in the Premium Takoyaki. On the other hand, the Special Takoyaki has bits of octopus that are generous in serving. In both cases, the octopus are tender giving them a pleasurable bite

Furthermore, what makes Street Kings' takoyaki different is that they make theirs crisp/toasty on the outside, which I am a huge fan off. The downside of this is, since it's cooked more than the usual, the filling also shrinks in the process making the inside a bit hollow. Another deviation is that Street King's takoyaki does not have veggies in the inside, and regular mayonnaise is used. 

Whole Baby Octopus Takoyaki by Street Kings

Personally, I enjoyed this takoyaki, since most of the characteristics are aligned with my preferences. There's also a sizeable amount of katsuboshi flakes on top making it feel more authentic. 

If you are ready to experience generous octobits / baby octopus in your takoyaki, you can reach out to Street Kings Takoyaki via Foodpand (if you are close to the area) or contact them via their FB Page below.

Pro-tip: Order directly to Street Kings Takayoki instead of Foodpanda, since it's approximately P30 cheaper per item.

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