The Alley by Vikings in Bonifacio High Street - P799 only!

The Alley by Vikings in Bonifacio High Street - P799 only!

Vikings Group just did it again with a new buffet innovation. They have launched a fresher concept with the opening of another branch of The Alley.

The Alley by Vikings in Bonifacio Global City

The Alley is an innovation combining luxury buffet experience with sophisticated layering of concepts in its ambiance. It introduces this notion of walking into an entire alley wherein you're 'free' to take every food you want. Imagine walking from one restaurant to another and just talking whatever makes your mouth water.

The Alley by Vikings Interior, BGC

How does that work?
Imagine an entire street filled with 14 restaurants. You may go into the pastry shop to get coffee and cakes. Move to the Italian restaurant to get pizza. Finish off with an ice cream from a dessert store. Each having a distinct theme. All you need to do is pay up a certain rate at the start of the street, and you may begin food hopping without the need to pay anything else.

I know it can be pretty abstract hearing it for the first time, so let me walk you through.

The Alley by Vikings Interior, Central Square, BGC

How much is the buffet rate? 
Rate is closely similar with a regular Vikings buffet. P788 on weekday lunch and P988 for weekday dinner, weekend lunch + dinner and holidays. You may refer to the rates below.

ADULT RATE (as of December 2019):

Adult Weekday Lunch: 788 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekday Dinner: 988 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 988 (+5% service charge)


Kids below 3 ft: FREE

Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 238 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 338 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 338 (+5% service charge)

Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 4.6" Weekday Lunch: 448 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 4.6" Weekday Dinner: 648 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 4.6" Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 648 (+5% service charge)

Lunch  is from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM, and dinner is from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM daily.

14 Food Concepts to Explore in The Alley by Vikings

Upon entry, you'll be strapped on with a paper bracelet which grants you the power to take whatever you can eat. Eat-all-you-can. Unlimited meat and side dishes. You may call it whatever you want. What's important is for you to have a full buffet experience! 

Kegz in The Alley for Unlimited Cocktails and Alcohol

At the start of the alley, you will be greeted by the refreshment bar called Kegz which serves cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Again, I'd like to reiterate that this is part of the buffet. Hence, you can have as many rounds as you can. This explains why some BGC party-goers are choosing The Alley as their pre-game hot spot.

Nord's Coffee Bar in The Alley by Vikings, BGC
Strawberry Cheesecake by The Alley, BGC

On the opposite side, you'll see a cafe where you can have coffee. You may also have desserts here with some cakes and cookies.

Antipasto Blvd Logo in The Alley by Vikings

Intriguingly, the appetizers are located at the near end of the Alley particularly at the section named Antipasto Blvd.

Cheese selection in The Alley by Vikings

There are cheese, salads and bite-sized snacks to jump start your appetite.

Bite-sized snacks in The Alley by Vikings, BGC

It then escalates quickly with the succeeding sections because you will be bombarded with several options. There's the sizzling section where you can grab some fresh sizzling dishes.

Just Steak a Minute Food Concept of Vikings, The Alley

There are a handful of selections for the sizzling plates - Salisbury with Pepper Sauce, Pork Tenderloin in Mushroom Truffle Sauce, Chicken Chimichurri, Chicken New Orleans and Asian Beef Steak.

Sizzling Plates in The Alley by Vikings
Asian Beef Steak of Just Steak a Minute, The Alley

One of the key highlights here in The Alley is the baked oyster which is found in this section called O'Sean Eleven.

O'Sean Eleven in The Alley, Central Square, BGC
Delicious Baked Oyster of The Alley, BHS, Taguig

Another buffet favorite is the Chinese cuisine, which is why The Alley dedicated a section called Hao Chi (translates to delicious in English).

Hao Chi Chinese Food Concept of The Alley by Vikings

They offer here roast duck, spareribs, white chicken and etc. Of course, you'll find there other comfort dishes such as hakaw, siomai, dumplings and beancurd roll among others.

Roast Duck and Chicken in Hao Chi, The Alley by Vikings
Chinese Dimsum in The Alley by Vikings, Buffet

Now close to the end of the alley, you'll find your usual favorites or what we call the 'buffet regulars'. It's where you can find the ever eternal sushi and sashimi, as well as tempura. The name of the section is Yatai.

Yatai Japanese Section in The Alley by Vikings

Assorted Maki and Rolls in Yatai, The Alley
Assorted Maki and Rolls in Yatai

Fresh Tuna and Salmon Sashimi in The Alley, BGC
Fresh Tuna and Salmon Sashimi

Sashimi on plate, The Alley by Vikings in BGC

Again, guests are allowed to hop to another dining area as long as the seats are not yet occupied. Remember, each dining area has different theme which definitely shapes your experience.

Dining area near Pasta and Carving Section of The Alley

The pasta dishes are also found in the nearby section and beside it is the carving station serving all the bounty meat such as grilled lamb, pork and beef.

Baked Lasagna and other pasta dishes in The Alley by Vikings
Baked Lasagna

Italian Braised Beef, Lamb Rosemary and Roasted Chicken, The Alley
Italian Braised Beef, Lamb Rosemary and Roasted Chicken

Lamb Rosemary with Mint Sauce in The Alley by Vikings

Of course, given the expansive choices for the appetizers and main dishes, The Alley doesn't want to fall short on desserts. Your traditional favorites such as ice cream, crepes, kakanin are catered here in Hunneycomb.

Hunneycomb Section of The Alley by Vikings
Ice cream and other desserts in Hunneycomb, The Alley

They also have this specialty that features popping boba for your re-imagined cheesecake. It's definitely a must-try!

Cheesecake Ice Cream with Popping Boba at Hunneycomb, BGC

Interestingly, there's more to these regulars as you'll encounter some odd yet good ones here at the end. You'll see someone peddling taho, sorbetes and balut. Plus, there's Ferino's offering bibingka and puto bumbong. And no, you don't need to pay additional for these. They are all part of the buffet, which makes it even more exciting and sulit! 

The Alley Sorbetes and Ferino's Bibingka
Fresh Taho in The Alley by Vikings, BGC

The Alley in essence gives the same busog satisfaction with a normal Vikings Buffet. However, the overall dining experience is further elevated with the variation in its ambiance, and this makes a stark difference. Hence, if you are a fan of wonderfully crafted interior, you'll love it here.

For reservation or inquiries, you may contact (02) 8-845-4647, you may also visit their website at for more details.
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