Cartimar Food Trip for P200 - taho, takoyaki and coffee

Feeling adventurous for your next food trip with your barkada? Well, you should definitely consider Cartimar. I know that this sounds like an odd suggestion, but trust me. In this place, you’ll be tasting a life-changing taho (as my friend coins it, to which I agree), an affordable takoyaki, and a hole-in-the-wall coffee, all for a little over P200.  Now, if these three excite you and your palate, there’s no way you should miss this.

Cartimar Food Trip for P200 - taho, takoyaki and coffee

Although more known as Pasay’s Divisoria, Cartimar also has an underrated food scene. Yup, there’s more to clothes, dogs and plants. In fact, they have grocery stores lined up which provide a wide range of selection. They have Japanese, Chinese and Korean stores where you can buy imported goods at reasonable rates. However, what's more interesting are the (3) unique food picks you need to explore here in Cartimar.

Cartimar's Life Changing Taho (Tiong Hwa)

Let’s start off with the taho, which again can be life-changing for some. It was, for me. I’ve even dedicated a separate post about it here: Cartimar’s “Life Changing” Taho – a must-try!. The store goes by the name Tiong Hwa. They sell mostly soy-based products such as the taho, tokwa, soya milk and etc.

Tiong Hwa's Life-Changing Taho in Cartimar

For the taho, I just love how huge the serving was, and you can have it at only P35 (without toppings) and P60 (with toppings). Compared to your usual taho, this one is silkier, fuller and more ticklish to the palate.

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery Store - Takoyaki in Cartimar

Next, you can have some takoyaki which is located inside New Hatchin Japanese Grocery Store. Due to its popularity and affordability, you’ll need to wait for about 25-45 minutes to have your order ready. Don’t worry, you’ll be given a number so you can go to other places first to burn time. Plus, the wait will definitely be worth it.

Renz Cheng, Cartimar Food Trip - A Not-So-Popular Kid

The Takoyaki is truly authentic both in its form and taste. Also, it has an octopus meat, which is the tako to that yaki. Oh, and this will surprise you. One order is P95 only (or P85 if without Japanese mayo) which has 8 pieces of the takoyaki. So yeah, that’s definitely sulit, and just like the taho, this can be life-changing for some.

Blue Wonder Cafe in Cartimar, Pasay

Last, but definitely not the least, is Blue Wonder Cafe (read more) which is tucked inside the indoor market. You can use the entrance facing the takoyaki place. You will be surprised with how this coffee place seems to look a glitch within the warehouse-looking place.

Blue Wonder's food-trip worthy coffee in Cartimar

The cafe has this wooden overall that gives it a very cozy and comforting ambiance. Plus, people behind Blue Wonder Cafe take coffee very seriously, and hence they have a wide range of choices waiting for you. Want something floral? Then, go for Yirgacheffe, which is the one I had. They also have those that are fruity or nutty. Hence, if you are a coffee enthusiast, this is paradise for you.

Let's do a round up. You'll be spending P60 for the taho (since you won't go for no toppings). P50 for the takayoki (if you'll be splitting with a friend). P110 for the coffee. That's P220 in total, and it's not bad for 3 selections! 

So there you go. These are the current top 3 food highlights you’ll find here Cartimar (and there are still things I haven't explored inside). Needless to say, your food trip will definitely be worth it!

Getting to Cartimar and Directions
Cartimar is located in Pasay, and it can be accessed by taking LRT to Gil Puyat station, and riding a jeep going to Libertad or Baclaran. You can then ask the jeepney driver to drop you off in Cartimar. Similarly, you can take the LRT to Libertad, and ride a jeepney going to Gil Puyat (i.e. reverse).
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