New Hatchin's Authentic Takoyaki for only P85

New Hatchin's Authentic Takoyaki for only P85

Craving for an authentic Takoyaki? What if I tell you there's a way for you to satisfy that without the need to go to Japan, and without breaking your budget. All you have to do is to visit New Hatchin Japanese Grocery in Cartimar where they serve this legit takoyaki for only P85 for 8 pieces.

New Hatchin Japanese Grocery Store in Cartimar

Why is it legit?
You may already know this, but just for the benefit of some, takoyaki refers to Japanese Octopus pancake balls. The word tako equates to octopus, which is why a takoyaki can't be such without that seafood meat. Funny enough how certain stalls (normally the ones in food courts) claim to sell takoyaki, where in fact, they use crab stick or squid, and sometimes none at all. Here in New Hatchin, the balls do have tako with the yaki, which make each bite is rich in seafood goodness.

Kuya Manong preparing the takoyaki in Cartimar, Pasay

...takoyaki here in New Hatchin is a sure win!

Preparing the takoyaki in New Hatchin Japanese Store, Cartimar

When it comes to price, let's do the math. It's P85 (without mayo) or P95 (with Japanese mayo). Using the latter for illustration, we get almost P12 per ball. Take note that this ball has veggie, octopus and katsuboshi (the one placed on top that seems moving). Food court stalls sell takoyaki for P30 with 3 pieces, so that's P10 each, and I doubt they have octopus and katsuboshi. All I'm saying is that the takoyaki here in New Hatchin is a sure win!

Preparing the takoyakis in New Hatchin Japanese Grocery

Fame comes with a long queue
This however comes with a small price. Depending on the time of the day, and the day itself, you'll need to face a long queue. Thankfully, they have a queuing system wherein they'll give you a number after you pay. In this way, you can still roam around Cartimar (maybe try the taho just 2 stores away, or even go shopping), as you wait for your takoyaki to be prepared. Waiting time ranges from 25-45 minutes.

Takoyaki with Japanese Mayo in New Hatchin Grocery in Cartimar
New Hatchin's affordable and authentic takoyaki balls

Don't worry. All the wait is so worth it, since they serve the takoyakis hot and fresh which further exacerbates the authentic flavors. A definite must-try! It's perfect for barkada food trip.

Renz Cheng and Nica Ang in New Hatchin, Cartimar for Takoyaki

Cartimar is a shopping center located in Pasay which can be accessed by taking the LRT to Gil Puyat and taking a jeepney (that goes to Libertad/Baclaran) to Cartimar. Similarly, you can go to LRT Libertad instead and take jeepney going to Gil Puyat. Both will pass by Cartimar.
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