Top 5 Recommended Restaurants in Greenbelt, Makati

Top 5 Recommended Restaurants in Greenbelt, Makati

I've been working in Makati for almost 4 years now, and I've always been near Greenbelt malls. I know this should sound really convenient because we have options right our finger tips. However, the saying "Familiarity breeds contempt" somehow finds its way to us. We've tried almost all the restaurants within the vicinity (except those found along THAT stretch in Greenbelt 5). Hence, whenever we choose to meet up in Greenbelt, we often find ourselves undecided on where to eat.

Now, as I ponder on this matter, I decided to come up with 5 restaurants to which we normally go for when we find ourselves "undecided". These restaurants are usually the deal breaker wherein most if not all of us will finally say "G! or Let's go!".

1. Dillinger's 1903
Affordable Steaks in Dillingers 1903

This restaurant has always been underrated, an underdog even. People tend to think that this place is just a regular bar that either [1] doesn't offer any food or [2] doesn't offer any good food. Wrong! You are completely missing out on this. They have affordable and delicious steaks here, and the truffle pasta is really something you'll definitely love!

The ambiance may not appeal to everyone due to the dullness in dimness, but it's great for those who want to chill with friends.

Location2/F of Greenbelt 3 near Gerry's Grill and Red Box
Budget Range: P350+ per person
What to order? Pepper Steak, Truffle Pasta and Beef Salpicao

2. Shi Lin
Shi Lin in Greenbelt 3

Whenever I'm looking for some comfort Chinese food, I head to this restaurant. I just love the ambiance here, and it makes me feel home. Plus, I just personally love the Xiao Long Bao and the Noodles in Peanut Sauce.

Location: 3/F of Greenbelt 3 near entrance to Cinema and TGIF
Budget Range: P300+ per person
What to order? Xiao Long Bao, Noodles in Peanut Sauce

3. Kenji Tei
Kenji Tei in Greenbelt 5

If I'm craving for ramen and excellent curry dish, I always find myself ending up here in Kenji Tei. The prices may not be as friendly, but the sashimi here are really top-notch as they melt in your mouth. The curry meals also are dreamy especially with how the authentic Japanese rice blends with the spices of the curry.

Location: 3/F Greenbelt 5 near Baskin and Robbins
Budget Range: P400+ per person
What to order? Curry Rice Meals, Salmon Sashimi (avoid the ramen!)

4. Soban K-Town Grilling
Soban K-Town Grilling in Greenbelt 3

If it's Korean you are craving for, I suggest that you go for Soban. They have group meals which are reasonably priced, so you won't need to worry that much. The ambiance may be typical. Also, expect to smell like a samgyupsal afterwards.

Location: 3/F Greenbelt 3 near Shi Lin and Friday's
Budget Range: P300+ per person
What to order? The grillables

5. Manam
Manam in Greenbelt 3

Most of us are looking for non-Filipino cuisine whenever we eat us, and normally our reason is "Filipino food naman na sa bahay eh.". I'm guilty of this too, but let's be real. There are still times wherein we just crave for the comforting hugs and embraces of our very own cuisine. Hence, if you feel that longing, Manam is a great place for you to indulge in. Plus, they did a few twists on the traditional Filipino eats.

Location: G/F of Greenbelt 3 near Mary Grace and Italianni's
Budget Range: P300+ per person
What to order? Sinigang sa Pakwan, Sisig and Kare-Kare

There you go! Here are my top 5 personal favorites, and I would love to hear whether you agree or disagree. Let's put this list on a test!
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