Food Exploration in Valero Eat Street III - Holidaze

Food Exploration in Valero Eat Street III - Holidaze

Amid the businesses of Makati, aggravated by the pre-holiday rush, everything seems to be running in chaos. The intensity of traffic has started to build up, and people now tend to crowd up the malls. You begin thinking that there is no way to go anymore. However, just last December 6, 2016, yuppies were given an opportunity to stop for a while, and just enjoy the comfort of exciting snacks, dishes and sweets! This was made possible by the third wave of Valero Eat Street with the theme "Holidaze".

If in case, you missed it, just stay tuned in this blog or check out the Facebook page of Valero Eat Street. Anyway, let me share with you the fruits of my brief exploration, and hopefully you'll come across something interesting.

The first one that we came across was Eggcetera (Omelette and Etc.) which is basically a store all about eggs more particularly omelette and benedict. 

  Eggcetere (Omelette and Etc.)
Bacolette of Eggcetera

What we were able to try was their Bacolette (P90) which we thought was nicely done. Honestly, it was generally "within the norm", but the caramelized onion is what made the taste somehow interesting.

Bao's on Crack of BAO MNL

Now, there's also this store called [BAO.MNL] which serves certified delicious bao buns. They served to us Bao's On Crack (P150) which utilizes oven roasted pork belly drizzled by Asian BBQ sauce and Sriracha Mayo. The flavors and texture just dance around the mouth creating a comforting sensation as it tickles the palate. If you come across this store, I'm urging you to go try some of the buns!

Tito Choripan Sandwich of Pepi Cubano

Attempting to also offer tasty on-the-go food, Pepi Cubano provided this sweet-savory sandwich caleld Tito Choripan (P200) which uses chorizo jamonado and chimichurri sauce. Although the sauce sounds funny, the taste wasn't. We just loved how playful the taste was -- perfect for the Filipino taste buds.

During the event, McCormick gave free sample serving of Laksa, using their own seasoning mix. It was truly a night of gastronomic adventure!

Spiced Whole Chicken

Of course, a foodie adventure will not be completed without sweets, so let's move on to some desserts we encountered.

Raneese Peanut Butter Cups

Catching our attention with the cute animals, Raneese offers indulgent peanut butter cups! It's pretty uncommon to find these in bazaars, so it was truly magnificent stumbling upon these heavenly treat. All the four flavors were amazing, and I'm simply out of words with how great the cups were!

Raneese Peanut Butter Cups

Wea's Kitchen Creations showcased its adorable mini cupcakes. Each are nicely crafted, and are bite-sized for your immediate pleasure!

Wea's Kitchen Creations

To complement the sweet treats, we stumbled upon this Type A shop which sells concentrated cold brew coffee. We were given a sample crafted concoction, and it was pretty impressive. In fact, one of my good friends that tagged along with me bought 4 small bottles.

Type A Cold Brew Coffee

Last, but certainly not the least, we had this great work of art by St. Hale. It starts with a bottom layer of cookie poured with thick chocolate goodness.

Chocolate Cookie of St. Hale

After which, a thick block of of marshmallow is torched on top to give the entire obra a fluffy gooey core.

Torching of marshmallow on top of a cookie - St. Hale

The final step was to crown it with another cookie dough, sprinkled with sea salt to bring jolt to the taste. One bite explodes with immense push-and-pull of flavors! Crazy!

Cookie Smores of St. Hale by Isabel Lagunzad

Exciting, isn't it? So, don't miss the next waves of Valero Eat Street. Be informed by following their Facebook page, and staying tuned in this blog as well.

Eat Street Valero Lights

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