S&R's Scrumptious Treats, Pastries and Desserts

S&R's Scrumptious Treats, Pastries and Desserts

S&R has always been a great place to have your groceries, since everything you need are most likely found in the shelve here. However, it seems like it's more than just "groceries" that you can find there. There are interesting stuff too such as different baked goodies and treats. I didn't know this until my mom brought home chocolate chip cookies some years ago, and I was captivated. Anyway, here in this blog post, I'm going to share with you some goodies that are on sale! It's really a sweet treat by S&R!

S&R Interior ASEANA

By the way, always be on the lookout for some promos here in S&R. Just weeks ago (July 11 - 17), they held a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for their US Bagels Blueberry / Whole Wheat (P179.95).

US Bagels Blueberry and Whole Wheat

If you were not able to catch that one out, here's something you can catch - Buy 1 Take 1 from July 25 to 31 for US Bagels Plain or Cinnamon Raisin (P179.95)

US Bagels Plain / Cinnamon Raisin

Now, if you can't catch that one, you can still enjoy S&R's scrumptious treats for other sweeter delights. Let's go to the chilled section!

S&R Interior in ASEANA near Mall of Asia

In this part of S&R, you'll find some boxed goodies which are on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo as well. Grab this opportunity, since they make perfect gifts! If in case you are not the generous type, no one will stop you to have a box for yourself. Below is a photo of the Poppies Trio Mini Eclairs 600g (P499.95)

Poppies Trio Mini Eclairs 600g

If you want more variety, you may want to have the Poppies Petit Indulgence (720g) at P849.95.

If you can't get enough, just have the largest box which is the Poppies Assorted Petits 4s 800g (P899.95)

Petits Fours Assorted

Now, while I was browsing around S&R, I was shocked to see some Men's Long Sleeves (P849.95) from KirkLand. It's just surprising that they have something like this. I thought KirkLand just produces supplements and other consumables. Anyway, it's cool to know that I have discovered another place where I can buy affordable long sleeves for work.

KIRKLAND Men's Long Sleeves

Here's my mom checking out the long sleeves. I was hoping she would buy me one. Harhar!

KIRKLAND Men's Long Sleeves

So, there you go my dear foodie friends! I hope you found this blog post useful. Don't let the promos pass. #SnReveryday
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