Megawatt's Eat-While-You-Wash Diner - Pizza, Chicken and Burrito

Megawatt is a restaurant with an interesting mix of concepts infused, but the most fascinating among them is it's eat-while-you-wash concept! Yes, you heard it right! This restaurant is located above a car wash here in Gilmore, and hence, you can enjoy a mix of comfort food as you wait for your car to be fully squeaky and clean.

Megawatt Eat While You Wash Diner in Quezon City

Of course, it's not necessary that you go for a car wash just to dine here. You can drop by to get your cravings fixed as well. Just recently, I received an invitation to sample the food here in Megawatt, and of course, I was really eager to do so. Hence, here in this blog post, I'll be sharing with you some of the dishes I tried, and my overall experience dining here.

Megawatt Restaurant in Gilmore, Quezon City

Aside from being an eat-while-you-wash diner, Megawatt also features interesting concept that centralizes on "power" or "energy", and the cool thing about this restaurant is that the concept goes beyond the interior, since Megawatt advocates the use of renewable energy. Interestingly, all the lights here are powered by the solar panels installed here in the restaurant.

Menu of Megawatt in Quezon City

Also, those who are into collecting stuff may also find Megawatt's display amusing. I was told that the items you'll find here are limited edition, so for collectors out there, you may want to visit this restaurant as well, since you can purchase any of these items here.

Iron Man Collection in Megawatt Restaurant

Alright, let's now proceed with the dishes here by starting off with this refreshing concoction called Black Currant Tea!

Black Currant Tea || P88 
 Black Currant Tea

Freshly brewed in-house, this Black Currant iced tea had this distinct refreshing taste that was sweet yet still mellow. Since it's brewed, the flavors blend smoothly creating great sensation in every sip. I suggest you go for this one!

Nacho-Rizo || P158 
Nacho Rizo Appetizer of Megawatt

This appetizer was a sure winner among the group! The homemade tacos were delicately crunchy that jived well with the bounty toppings -- cheezy meaty with a playful kick!

A.M.P. Burger || P255
Angus Megawatt Patty (AMP) and Hash Brown topped with Egg
Angus Megawatt Patty (AMP) Burger

This AMP burger had this juicy tender patty that was highly comforting. I may not be a fan of hash brown in a burger, but I clearly recognize the potential pleasure this burger may give to those who are certified meat and burger lovers! By the way, this is also a huge hunger-buster, so you may want to share with someone, not unless you are super hungry!

Volt-MEAT-er Pizza || P352
Pepperoni, ham, Angus meat and bacon
Volt-MEAT-er Pizza

This Volt-MEAT-er pizza was interesting, but paled in comparison to other dishes we tried. Well, maybe we found the medium-thick crust too heavy that drives away the attention from the toppings. Still, overall it was good especially with the sauces provided!

Bursted Jalapeno Sauce

Both of these sauces had something interesting to offer, and they made the pizza interesting due to their lovable flavors!

Roast Beef Burrito || P245
Roast Beef Burrito of Megawatt

Looking very vibrantly appealing, the burrito had this tasty roast beef from which the huge portion of the flavor came from. It also featured a beet-infused rice creating that sassy look. Together with all of these was the slight touch of fire that made it enjoyable to consume. Everything then was bound together with a delicate tortilla wrap.

Megawatt - Overall Summary

Budget: at least P350 each for a moderate dining experience for a group coming in 3-4

Megawatt surely brings something electrifying yet comforting for the palate. The dishes served here are the comfort food that most of us usually crave for. With the sample of dishes we tried, I would say that this restaurant certainly has potential in delivering a spark to your buds! Among those we tried, the two most-noteworthy among them were the black currant tea and the nacho-rizo!

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Location: 41-A N. Domingo Corner Gilmore, Valencia, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM (Mondays to Saturdays) and 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM (Sundays)
Contact No.: (02) 501 2987
Service Charge: 10% on price
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