Foodie Alert - Pezzo Pizza from Singapore Arrives in the Philippines

Pezzo Pizza from Singapore Arrives in the Philippines

Pizza lovers, hear this! A famous pizza store called Pezzo from Singapore, has finally arrived in the Philippines, and opened up its first outlet in Robinsons Place Manila. You will be surprised by the concept as well as the flavors offered here in this pizza store. Come on! Let's check 'em out! 

Pezzo Pizza Flavors

About Pezzo - A Carnival in Every Bite
Pezzo began baking in November 2012 with its flagship store in Ion Orchard, Singapore. It's basically a "Niche Pizza Retailer, Selling Pizza By the Slice". It has already established presence in other parts of Asia including Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesia and now Philippines.

Since the concept really of Pezzo is to serve the grab n' go diners, you will not find any seats available here in the store. You basically pick your pizza/s and "go".

Pezzo Pizza here in the Philippines

The Pezzo Difference
Pezzo is primarily catering to those people who are constantly on the rush yet still has the passion to grab a good bite. Also, each slice measures approximately 7" with generous pizza toppings. Best of all, prices are wallet-friendly, and may in fact be "more affordable" than other known pizza stores.

Another interesting offer of Pezzo is that you can Mix & Match up to 6 flavors in a 14" pan. Now, let's explore what you can mix & match here in Pezzo.

Pizza Prices
1 Slice - P89 for Carnival Series and P110 Gala Series
3 Slices - P279 (choose in any of the series)
6 Slices - P529 (choose in any of the series)

Carnival Series (in blue)
Gala Series (in red)

Before I forget, the pizza dishes here in Pezzo presumably do not contain pork as per the information provided to us. However, just to be safe, please verify this with the one who will serve you.

Cheesy Cheese || Mozzarella + Cheddar, Edam + Parmesan + Feta Cheese
Cheesy Cheese of Pezzo Pizza

Very Veggie || Onions mushrooms + Green Peppers + Sweet Pineapples + Sliced Tomatoes
Very Veggie of Pezzo Pizza

If you want a healthier choice yet retain its yumminess, you can go for this Very Veggie pizza.

Hola Hawaiian || Chicken Ham + Bacon + Sweet Pineapples + Mozzarella Cheese
Hola Hawaiian of Pezzo Pizza

Meat Munchers || Ground Beef + Beef Salami + Beef Pepperoni + Chicken Ham + Beef Bacon + Italian Sausage

This Meat Munchers is definitely heavy on meat, which is why I found it highly indulgent. Despite having intense meat toppings on top, I was still able to taste the tomato goodness of the sauce.

Big Daddy || Minced Beef + Chicken Ham + Italian Sausage + Mozzarella Cheese + BBQ Sauce
Big Daddy of Pezzo Pizza

Big Daddy is similar as to the taste of Meat Munchers (but the latter is obviously meatier) with a mix of BBQ highlight.

Chicken Delight || Slice of Oregano + Chicken + Onions + Mushrooms + Chicken Bacon
Chicken Delight of Pezzo Pizza

Hot Chick || Spicy Shredded Chicken + Special Chili Sauce + Red Chilis + Green and Red Peppers + Roast Garlic + Mozzarella
Hot Chick Pezzo Pizza

The Hot Chick pizza had this playful hotness (but still within the tolerable range). It is also mixed with a little sweetness, so this makes the overall taste "meaty, sweet and spicy".

Dessert Pizza - Chocolate and Candies

This dessert pizza was served during the opening, and it's not readily available for sale. It just somehow provides us a glimpse of what they can offer in the next months to come!

You can visit Pezzo and try out its interesting collection of pizza here in the Ground Floor, Adriatico Wing of Robinsons Place Manila
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