Christmas Brunch Buffet in Vask Tapas Room, BGC

Vask Tapas Room Buffet

In celebration of the upcoming Christmas season, VASK created a new line of festive dishes for its lunch and dinner buffet. Fortunately, I was given a pre-Christmas gift as I was invited to give the buffet spread a try; hence, here in this blog post I'm going to share my dining experience with you.

Vask - Sophistacated yet Comfy
Before everything else, let me just give a little blabber about the place. It was my first time to step into the realm of Vask, so I was very much thrilled even days before the date set for this lunch invite. I felt a little intimidated thinking about the place, so what I did was to really put on something decent for it. 

Interior of Vask Tapas Room

Well, I just kept on hearing about how fine the place is, so I was expecting that Vask would be strict in terms of attire. Turns out, they are not, but of course for sure they appreciate it when you do. Still, what matters the most is that we enjoy and just be ourselves.

Anyway, when I got there, I caught a homey air of sophisticated comfort. Yes, it may be a little intimidating, but it was friendly all at the same time.

Vask Tapas Room in BGC, Taguig

The interior is fascinating! It just creates an atmosphere that is conducive and apt for the dishes and cuisine served. Given the serenity of the ambiance, VASK may be a good candidate your next date.

Okay, I have been blabbering for too long, so let us now get on the thing we all love - food! Let's begin by having a glance of their appetizers.

VASK Pintxos

The pintxos collection was beautiful and bountiful in terms of presentation and flavors! Each of them offer a refreshing mix of savors that massages the palate with varying friendly and dancy flavors. I can't describe each of them, but all of them were certainly intriguing!

VASK Pintxos

The Boquerones was something that sparked up my interest. It had this lovable delicate and soft texture. They melt and slide smoothly on the mouth because of this. They might get a little salty from one point but this is cushioned by the vinegary tang of the sauce.


VASK is also serving some croquettes which were simple yet captivating with the creaminess of the core.

I forgot the name of this next dish, but it had this zesty sauce that bound the flavors of the veggies and the meat. There is also a strong onion essence in the background.

The crunchy Rabas was rightly salty making it really enjoyable to munch on; however, more than that, it was the crispness and freshness of the squid that made this dish exquisite!

Crunchy Squid Rabas - Spanish Food

The Pulpo ala Gallega was another interesting dish on the buffet spread of VASK. It featured this tenderness and smoothness that made the dish quite fascinating to eat. It also got this subtle kick making it indeed sensational in the mouth.

Pulpo ala Gallega

This dish which name I forgot had was like our traditional lumpia wrapped in a different manner. However, aside from that one, it also had a different filling made out of the same ingredients as a sisig.

Now of course, this brunch will not be tagged as a Christmas special without the queso de bola and of course the glazed ham!

Queso de Bola

Christmas Ham of VASK

I would just like to note how delicate and tender the ham was. The way it was thinly sliced made the texture smooth and playful in the buds. The sauce was savory sweet with a Pinoy touch of a star anis.

VASK Appetizer Plate

Now, actually it was the "appetizer" spread that took up most of the buffet spread. However, there are still other interesting finds that will qualify for a main course entry.

Spanish Callos of VASK

This callos goes well with the paella which featured a dynamic flavor from the bountiful sahog. The paella was also meaty and has this "tutong" feel that I adore for a paella.

The two other main dish entries were the Chicken Relleno as well as the Conchillo.

Chicken Relleno of VASK

Pata Conchillo

There are two drinks to choose from as well. The first one has a red wine for its base, while the second one has white wine instead. They are included in the rate already, and you may have them refilled as many times as needed.

Once you are already done with your feast, the staff will be approaching you if you'd like to have the dessert already. Don't worry if you are already full. The dessert comes in a really minute serving.

VASK Salted Chocolate Truffle

Now, there you go! Let me share with you this photo of me and my sister just after eating the little truffle dessert.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Vask Tapas Room

VASK Modern Tapas - Overall Summary

The buffet spread for this Christmas season here in Vask may not be as expansive as those that we have in mind, but they are specifically specialized. It somehow reminds me that of Alba's (read more), but this one is a notch better when it comes to quality and presentation.

Come and celebrate the vibrant Christmas spirit here in VASK together with your family and loved ones. Comida de Navidad Brunch Buffet is available every Sunday for the rest of this December from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. The rate per person is at P1,395+. 

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