9 Dishes that Will Convince You To Try Torch Restaurant

Torch Restaurant in Greenbelt 5
Torch Restaurant has become one of my favorites in Greenbelt!
Maybe by now, you already have heard about Torch restaurant, but just in case you haven't, let me shed a little light about the place. Torch is a fusion restaurant originating from the busy street in Greenhills called Connecticut. It specializes on three dish types - Sushi, Pizza and Steaks, all of which are my favorites, and because Torch made it really big, it soon opened up new branches in Katipunan, Trinoma, and Makati (the latest).

The first time I got to try it, I was instantly hooked, and to share the enthusiasm over the dishes in the amazing place, let me share nine (9) dishes that should convince you to give it a try as well.

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1. Appetizer Sampler (P495)
Buffalo Asian Wings (4pcs), Chili Cheese Crispers (3pcs), Chicken Skin (3pcs) and Truffle Fries
Appetizer Sampler of Torch Restaurant
The extremely enticing appetizer sampler of Torch - it will blow you away!
Explore a multitude of flavors with the appetizer sampler. First, it was the amazing truffle zest from the fries, followed by a crunchy sweet-sour tang from the chicken skin, trailed by a heavenly meaty cheesy adventure from the crispers and wrapped up by the playful kick from the buffalo wings. Simply put, it definitely needs to be adored!

2. Cream Cheese Salmon Roll (P340)
Deep-fried crispy sushi roll filled with salmon and cream cheese, topped with bonito flakes and served with unagi sauce and Japanese mayo; 8 pieces
Cream Cheese Salmon Roll of Torch
The cream cheese salmon roll - one of my top favorites!
Crunchy on the outside and creamy in its core, the Salmon roll is really something you might be hooked on to!

3. Cowboy Roll (P390)
Thinly sliced U.S. Angus Beef filled with shitake mushrooms, deep-fried in tempura batter and served with sesame sauce; 8 pieces
The US Angus Beef Cowboy Roll
The US Angus Beef Cowboy Roll
The Cowboy Roll possesses this incredible meaty flavor from the Angus beef  enhanced by this exciting teriyaki sweetness.

4. Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad (P346)
Quinoa grains with grilled chicken, onions, bell peppers, and feta cheese tossed in sesame dressing
The Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad of Torch
The Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad - unique and interesting!
The combination of the sesame dressing and the Quinoa grains produces a balanced and suave taste that is extremely lovable. Needless to say, t's definitely an interesting unique dish that you should go for!

5. Cheesy Anchovies Alfredo Pizza (P375)
Alfredo cream-based thin crust topped with anchovies and sliced cheddar cheese
Cheesy Anchovies Alfredo Pizza of Torch Restaurant
Cheesy Anchovies Alfredo Pizza of Torch Restaurant
The Cheesy Anchovies Alfredo Pizza is undoubtedly creamy with all the heavenly cheeses and the alfredo sauce. It's simply perfect for cheese lovers!

6. White Truffle Sausage Panizza (P430)
Grilled Italian sausages drizzled with white truffle oil on a fresh, oven-baked panizza topped with mozzarella cheese
White Truffle Sausage Panizza of Torch
The insanely amazing White Truffle Sausage Panizza!
Fall in love with the Truffle Sausage Panizza with its captivating simplicity and its perfect balance of truffle zest!

7. Bacon and Egg Carbonara (P335)
Cream-based classic carbonara in fetuccine, topped with poached egg and bacon rolls
Classic yet different - the Bacon and Egg  Carbonara of Torch!
The carbonara has this dreamy creaminess that is not too salty, but rather banks more on the overall tastiness. Don't worry, it's not bland because it borrows some saltiness from the bacon which is great news for bacon-lovers!

8. Seabass in Garlic Miso (P800)
Infrared-baked Chilean Sea Bass basted with sake garlic butter miso teriyaki, served with Japanese fried rice
Seabass in Garlic Miso of Torch Restaurant
The seabass that will make you go ooh-la-la!
The seabass is really excellent especially with its smokey flavor and milky-creamy texture. It's also cooked in such a way that it melts right in the mouth. This is followed by a tickle of subtle sweetness and then ended with a climatic quality taste. Definitely a remarkably climatic dish!

9. Tomahawk Steak (P1196 - Single)
Torch's secret dry rub mixture created from the journey of spices from different countries, incorporated into a juicy, USDA Angus Ribeye steak, carefully roasted to perfection. Served with twice-baked potato and roasted corn on the cob
The mouthwatering Tomahawk Steak of Torch!
The mouthwatering Tomahawk Steak of Torch!

Basking in its magnificence, the Tomahawk Steak is surely something to drool for! Each bite is so full of lively flavors that you'll feel all lost in a paradise! Now as you take more bites, you'll realize how tender and juicy it is that you'll be put in a deep state of comfort and relaxation. Amazing!

How about you - do you recommend this place?

Torch Restaurant 
Location: Ground Level, Greenbelt 5, Legazpi Street, Ayala Center (beside Pinkberry)

Contact No.: (02) 477 3771

Service Charge: 10% before VAT

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