Product Review on Gourmate Hot Sauce and Smoke Flavors for Home Cooking

Given that it is the holiday season, I was fully on a vacation mode, and I thought it was the same for everyone. Hence, I was surprised to receive a gift pack from Teaberry Food Essentials containing their Gourmate™ Hot Sauce and Smoke Flavors.

Teaberry Food Essentials - Gourmate's Hot Sauce and Smoke Flavors
Teaberry Food Essentials - Gourmate's Hot Sauce and Smoke Flavors

Coincidentally, there was still a pizza in the refrigerator, so I hurriedly opened up the pack, and started tasting each of the hot sauces.

Gourmate Hot Sauces
Chipotle Garlic Hot Sauce || A Rich, Smokey Flavor from vine riped red jalapenos over a smoldering fire
Green Jalapeno || A peppery, bell pepper flavor from fresh green jalapeno peppers
Habanero Pepper || A fiery, tangy and intense flame from delicious habanero peppers

Trying out the Gourmate Hot Sauces on my Pizza
Trying out the Gourmate Hot Sauces on my Pizza

The descriptions from the label are indeed accurate; they were able to capture in words what you need to expect for the tastes.

I'm not much of a hot sauce person, but I sure did enjoy these sauces. In fact, I really love them! They bring out exciting flavors out of what you are eating (although it depends on what you are eating)! I tried putting the sauces on my pizza (Yes, I tried them one by one on just one pizza), and I enjoyed the new dimension of flavors the sauces brought.

The following day, I learned that my mom was preparing some barbecue, and I got excited once again. Surely, I would be able to try out the Smoke Flavors! So, I did!

Now, the next I knew was that my cousins and their kids were loving how the barbecue had this authentic smokey taste from both grilling and the Gourmet sauce. We couldn't get enough of the barbecue, so we replicated it for our media noche!

Note: The Liquid Smoke Flavors are not to be used as sauce but as cooking ingredients or marinate. On its own, the smoke flavors are bittery smokey.

Gourmate Liquid Smoke Hickory on Pork LiempoGourmate Liquid Smoke Mesquite and Hickory on Barbecue

Paired with my mom and sister's combined prowess in cooking ,the barbecue we had was really superb! Everyone welcomed 2015 with a happy tummy!

Note: The Gourmate products are made here in our home country. Hence, let's give our support to the local industry by buying products of our own!  Oh, and by the way the hot sauces and smoke flavors are available in the grocery stores nationwide.

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