Don Limone - Great Cheesecakes & Grill in BF Homes

Don Limone - Great Cheesecakes & Grill
Don Limone - Great Cheesecakes & Grill in BF Homes
Marking the end of our BF Homes food trip, we had our desserts in Don Limone, a place known for cheesecakes and grill, as the tagline suggests. This wasn't supposedly part of the food trip plan, but while we were walking around BF, we spotted the place and decided to check it out!

From the outside, Don Limone didn't seem so spectacularly special; however, as you enter the door, magic unfolds. Subsequently, you'll be greeted by this altered painting which for me was funny.

Don Limone Painting - BF Homes
Don Limone shows its creativity and humor on the painting that greets you up!
Upon entering, you will also be greeted by the fancy outdoor dining area perfect for dates or for simply chilling. You'll be able to enjoy the relatively cleaner breeze as well as the warm sunlight!

Fancy outdoor dining area of Don Limone
Fancy outdoor dining area of Don Limone
However, in case you are not an outdoor person, you may opt for the indoor dining area which has a quaint and old-fashioned interior. It was really a marvelous sight!

Quaint and Old-Fashioned Interior of Don Limone
Quaint and Old-Fashioned Interior of Don Limone
Quaint and Old-Fashioned Interior of Don Limone
As mentioned, interior really has that wow-factor! It featured a quaint, cozy and inviting Victorian/Renaissance-style interior. Dining there just brought us to another dimension, and it was really cool!

Also, notably, the place has a large seating capacity, so most likely you'll find no trouble getting seated. However, this may not apply during Friday nights and Saturdays, according to the staff.

Baileys Irish Cream (P255) and Toblerone Raspberrry (P295)
Don Limone's Famous Cheesecakes in BF Homes
Don Limone's famous cheesecakes in BF Homes 
They say that there is always a room for desserts, but I found it hard to believe since I was really full by that time. Hence, what we did was to order 2 cakes, and just grab a spoonful or two for each cake. You'll be surprised to hear that despite the 6 of us (1 passed) eating the cakes, it took us a while to consume everything. Yeah. that was how full we were!

Baileys Irish Cream of Don LimoneToblerone Raspberrry of Don Limone

Anyway, both of the cakes had a sufficient serving good enough to be shared by 2 or more (depending on how much you need to satisfy your urge). However, I have to admit that I found the cakes here in Don Limone expensive than usual.

By the way, the Baileys Irish Cream had some alcohol content in it which made the cake interesting; nonetheless, I found the taste somewhat unbalanced although in its overall it was okay. On the other hand, the Toblerone Raspberry fell a little short from our expectation. In fact, most of us thought that this will be the winning dessert, but it turned out to just a runner-up.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Don Limone with Bedan friends
A Not-So-Popular Kid in Don Limone with Bedan friends
This marked the end of our BF Homes Food Trip, and thanks for reading the series!

Don Limone - Summary

Give your approval or disapproval to Don Limone

Don Limone, in my opinion, is a place you want to put into your BF Homes food trip list because of the great ambiance! Unfortunately, you may need to stretch your budget further for this restaurant because of the unfriendliness of the prices to your wallet. Now, it will depend on you whether you'll find the price worth it or not. I'm a bit torn regarding this, but I think I lean more on the "not that worth it" side.

Still, I'm curious to try the non-desserts here in the place, and I think I need to go back! In case you tried out dining here, what dishes can you suggest? Thanks!

Don Limone
Location: 199 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Contact Number: (02) 345-1803
Service Charge: 10% on price

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