Affordable Meals and Unlimited Rice in the RICE: TAFT AVE.

I can still remember the first time I ate in Rice Taft. I was just a frosh then, and Rice Taft was still famous during those days. Being freshmen, we were in the Andrew Building most of the time, and since this was the case, it was always hassle-free to go there. (Plus, we didn't want to end up eating in Pasta Plate, even if it was closer).

Four years after, we got to try the place again even if it wasn't intentional. It just so happened that Plato was close, and we were too lazy to go elsewhere. Now, here in this blog post, we will determine if it is still worthy to try and visit.

Rice: Taft Ave. in Sherwood near DLSU
Rice: Taft Ave. in Sherwood
The Place
I wasn't able to grab a photo of the place, but Rice: Taft Ave looks very casual and a bit uncomfortable due to the "not-so-clean" ambiance.  In fact, I was able to associate the environment with that of Dats Mix. Regardless, you may choose to shrug it off or choose a fancier place.

The Food
To remain competitive, Rice Taft is offering unlimited rice as well as free iced tea with a meal purchase (starting fron P99). I dunno if this still matters to others, but the unlimited rice sounded convincing for me (although I ended up having only 1 cup after my first one).

Note: I got misled by the unlimited rice because I thought they would be offering their signature rice varieties as rice refills. (Or was I just too assuming?) Nevertheless, you have been warned!

What is Rice: Taft Ave. famous for?
Rice: Taft Ave is famous for its signature rice varieties such as bagoong rice, adobo rice and 4 others (see the menu photo at the end of this post). Top-selling dish is the Cheesy Beef.

Here are the dishes we had during our visit:
Grilled Liempo || P99
The seemingly "sulit" liempo of Rice Taft Ave
The seemingly "sulit" liempo at only P99
I wasn't able to taste this one, but it sure did look very much "sulit", not to mention juicy and appetizing! Troy, on the other hand, mentioned that it was not that lean, and you have to deal with a lot of fatty portions.

Beef and Mushroom || P109
Beef and Mushroom of Rice Taft Avenue
Beef and Mushroom of Rice Taft Avenue
The Beef and Mushroom tasted as simple as it looked. In other words, there wasn't so special about it, and you may want to think twice before paying P10 more (as compared with other available and better dishes).

Tuna Sisig || P99
Tuna Sisig of Rice Taft Ave
The misleading "Tuna Sisig" of Rice Taft Ave.
This Tuna Sisig which I want to more appropriately call "Spicy Tuna" tasted not much like a sisig! It was okay, but unexpectedly spicy! Unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood to eat something spicy that day, so I got a little pissed-off (i.e. for them not naming it right, or mentioning that it was spicy). To those who seek something spicy, then this may be for you! 

As for the taste itself, well, there's nothing much special. It may even make you wonder if this was just taken from a can.

Best Selling Cheesy Beef || P99
The best-selling Cheesy Beef - simple yet okay
The best-selling Cheesy Beef - simple yet okay
Now, for the last dish, it's no other than the Cheesy Beef (one of those that made this place popular). Back then, I adored this dish, but now that I have a lot to compare this with, I just settled for an "okay" remark for this dish. Given a little flair from the infusion of cheese, the taste was slightly above satisfactory. One thing that negatively affected the quality of the dish was the inclusion of more than tolerable fatty portions. However, despite all these, I believe that this still deserve a little spotlight. In other words, I still suggest that you try this particular dish!

Dats Mix a Nutshell and Rating Overview
(Ratings apply for the dishes we ordered an 
this experience alone)
Rice Taft Avenue indeed lost its glory, but despite this I recommend that you try this place out, just for the sake of experiencing one of the classics. However, I don't think this is something you want to visit frequently. A lot of better restaurants have already emerged that undeniably overshadowed Rice Taft Avenue.

Budget: Bring not less than P99 with you!

Rice: Taft Ave
G/F Sherwood Place Commercial Center
2264 Taft Avenue, Manila
Contact No.: (02) 523-6648
(information retrieved from munchpunch)

Menu and Prices:
Menu and Prices of Rice Taft Ave

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