Affordable Burrito in Agno near De La Salle University

Affordable Burrito at only P70 in Agno
Affordable Burrito at only P70 in Agno

An Unknown Place in Agno

I am guessing that you didn't know that there is a stall in Agno offering a burrito. Well, that's probably because this stall has no visible signage. As a result, it becomes too easy to miss this one. In fact, I have no idea what the name of this stall is, even if I was able to take a photo of the stall already (I was hoping I can find the name somewhere in the photo I took). Hmmmm.

Anyway, through the suggestion of Robie, one of my foodie friends, I was convinced to give this place's burrito a try.

Burritos || P70
Flour tortilla, Mexican rice, meat (braised carnitas or barbacoa or marinated chicken) & sauteed onions. Served with corn nachos, spicy sour cream and mild salsa
Burrito Stall in Agno near De La Salle University
Unwrap the goodness and dig in with this burrito!
The best seller among the three options is the Barbacoa (shredded braised beef); however, since it was what usually gets sold (duh, they wouldn't call it a best seller, if not for that), it went out of stock by the time we were ordering.

Hence, I was left with two choices Chicken or Pork. I went with the pork. Alright, let's begin talking about the it!

The Burrito meets the Foodie

First off, I want to tell you that I had a low expectation on the burrito because it was considerably affordable. However, I underestimated it a little bit. Let's start first with the things I found not-so-likable. Number 1: I didn't appreciate the flour tortilla because it was all soggy (which isn't the way a normal burrito is prepared and served). Number 2:The sour cream wasn't that spicy (which may be advantageous for some) and the taste didn't seem like a "sour cream" at all. As a matter of fact, I likened the taste of the sauce to the cheese sauce of Caric's Republic.

For the good stuff, I appreciated the taste and texture of the Mexican rice as well as the good serving of the meat inside (i.e. the stewed pork). Yes, it had a strong taste coming from the onion but completely bearable (so be sure to have your mints on hand when you try this burrito). Anyway, what I appreciated the most was the salsa. No, it wasn't extraordinary, but when I tried putting it on my burrito, the resulting mix of flavors was wonderful. Due to this, overall, I found the burrito decent and good enough. Well, I may not order this from time to time, but I will definitely get one of these once in a while.

Agno Food Place
Agno Street
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  1. ahia renz may map po ba kayu papunta rito?

    1. Hello there! I just updated my post on AGNO and included a map there. You may check the post here: Agno Food Place near DLSU

  2. The name of the shop is Chili's btw.


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