RED RIBBON Launches an Intuitive Birthday Budget Planner

Red Ribbon's Birthday Budget Planner
Birthday Budget Planner of Red Ribbon

What is this Birthday Budget Planner?
The Red Ribbon Birthday Budget Planner Microsite will help you create the best party possible without breaking the bank! Simply input the budget you wish to allocate for your party, and the Birthday Budget Planner will do the rest via simple and user-friendly drop-down menus. From snacks to decorations, Red Ribbon's trusted suppliers will be able to find you the best combination that’s friendly on the pocket.

Brand Manager of Red Ribbon Presenting the Budget Planner with Excitement
Brand Manager of Red Ribbon Presenting the Budget Planner with Excitement

This Birthday Budget Planner automatically includes this Chocolate Dedication Cake (P299) wherein you can specify and customize your dedication. The rest of the budget is spent on other things you need for your parties!

Red Ribbon's Chocolate Dedication Cake at P299
Red Ribbon's Chocolate Dedication Cake at P299

This Red Ribbon 8x8 dedication cake is made affordable at P299! It can satisfy at least 12 people on your party!

How does the Budget Planner work?
Let me show you how it looks like first:
Birthday Budget Planner of Red Ribbon - How it works?
Birthday Budget Planner of Red Ribbon - How it works?

The first thing you'll do is to customize the cake and set the date! Anyway, you may access this page once in a while, wherein you will see the Days-to-go counter. This helps out in raising the panic button, in case you haven't completed purchasing the things on your list! (Oh, yes, you still are the one who need to do the shopping; what this planner does is to keep you in-sync with your budget).

Anyway, next you'll do is to set the budget, and move the interactive divisions of the cake. This will re-allocate budget among the items. Hence, it gives you more control over the budget planning! Lastly, you will need to choose particular items for food, drinks, rentals and etc. Red Ribbon partnered with EYP to provide you with updated list of suppliers (as well as the location, so you can easily choose which one is nearest you). One of the weakness of the tool is that you won't be able to get updated price list from each supplier. You have do to it yourself. With this, all you have is a budget sub-total per category.

Oh, and I'm sorry that's not the last thing you'll do because you need to print it out too, and do the shopping/negotiations by yourself.

How is it relevant to you?
Well, a lot of us seem to be not good with planning, much more with budget planning! Hence, what we usually end up is to overspend. Guilty? Well, actually I'm not, since I budget well. To be honest, I even track my expenses daily through an excel tool.

Anyway,  I'm not the center of issue here. It's you! If you want to end up budgeting well, you need to write them down, or since we are the peak of internet era, print it out. This where the birthday budget planner comes in! You will be able to organize and plan out in advance, and have a "shopping list". If you become faithful with the list, you end up having small budget discrepancy which is good for you and your wallet!

As of now, Red Ribbon hasn't officially launched the website, but this is the link to the tool: ""

Note: I know you may do all the planning on a piece of paper, or somewhere else, but hey, at least you have a nice alternative for doing the task.

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