The Spice Market Buffet of Misibis Bay Resort

The Spice Market in Misibis Bay

I already posted my Legazpi Trip a few months ago, but I forgot to include a blog about our buffet experience in the Spice Market of Misibis Bay. Believing in the saying "Better late than never!", I am now sharing it with you! This will a short one (hopefully), since I can no longer remember all the nitty-gritty of our entire dinner experience in this place. 

The Place
Located at the heart of the Misibis Resort Bay, the Spice Market features a simple yet relaxing interior with comfortable chairs and cool ambiance. Actually, there are two dining areas in Spice Market, one is indoor (air-conditioned) and the other one is obviously outdoor. 

The Spice Market - Misibis Bay Dining Table

The Buffet
I felt uneasy taking photos of the food on the because I thought it was prohibited. This is why I wasn't able to have good shots. Anyway, I shall give you a brief overview of what you can find there. 

Salad Bar and Taco Station of Spice Market, Misibis

Unlike other fancy buffet restaurants (e.g. those within the same price range), Spice Market doesn't offer a very wide selection for salads. I know the selection is sufficient already, but it could have been more fun if there were more to choose from.

Note: My friend, Troy, mentioned that the reason behind the lack of variety was the fact that we went there on an off-season month (i.e. June).

Bread Selection in Spice Market
The bread collection for me was fine, since I was able to enjoy the freshness and taste.

Cheese Station of Spice Market Misibis

One of my favorite stations - the cheese station! Yummy! I really felt like a mouse munching on these treats! I know the selection isn't that wide, but almost all the ones I love were there!

Sushi of the Spice Market in Misibis Bay Resort

The sushi was fine, but I still go for the sushi of Yakimix and Nihonbashi Tei (in Makati). Nevertheless, the fact that they had it there made me feel content enough.

Taco Station in Spice Market

The Taco Station was a plus for me because I hardly see any in other buffet restaurants/places I go. Also, this delighted me because it had been a while, since I last had any tacos.

Yummy Sashimi of the Spice Market - Misibis Bay Resort
This Sashimi was special both in a good and not-so-good way! I knew it was fresh (i.e. special in a good way) because of the taste, but sadly it was still slightly frozen (i.e. special in a not-so-good way) which diminish our happiness as we ate it.

For every buffet I go, it is the dessert that I look most forward to. Hence, it was heartbreaking seeing this (the photo above) as the only selection they have. I could cry then and there, but I just shrugged it off and enjoy the good ones they have. Luckily, it was effective.

The Breakfast Buffet
Since we also stayed overnight in Misibis Bay, we were entitled to a breakfast buffet (inclusive of the accommodation fee). 

Breakfast Buffet Offerings in the Spice Market Misibis
Breakfast Buffet Offerings!
Some of the breakfast highlights include smoked salmon, omelets, cinnamon rolls, sausages, corned beef and etc. If you'll notice they just serve the typical breakfast we usually have. Oh, some of the food offered during dinner buffets are also offered for breakfast.

Note: Thinking about it right now, I think I prefer the breakfast offering more than what we had that night.

A Little Something About the Service:
From what I observed, the staff of the Spice Market seemed too slow as evidenced by the untimely replenishment of the food on the buffet table. Also, our plates kept on piling up on our tables - so either we just ate so fast or the staff was just inattentive. Well, probably, it was a mixture both. Who knows, right? 

Anyway, that sums up my blog post about the Spice Market! Stay tuned for my last update on my Legazpi Trip (yeah, I know I've delayed it so much) which will revolve around Misibis Bay itself.

The Spice Market
Misibis Bay Resort
Cagraray Island, Bacacay
Albay, Bicol, Philippines
Contact No.: 661-8888 (Manila)

Buffet Information:
Off-Season Rate for Dinner

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