HAPIPOTUMUS Opens Up in Burgundy Transpacific Tower along Taft

The Hapipotumus Restaurant in Taft
The Hapipotumus Logo
Adding to the pool of new restaurants, Hapipotumus recently opened its first store in the 2nd floor (or strictly speaking, the mezzanine) of Burgundy just this July. This food place offers us our usual pinoy favorites such as tapa, sizzling plates and more! Let's explore!

Hapipotumus is located in the 2nd floor 

The restaurant can accommodate up to about 30 people, while still preserving some space for comfort. The downside, however, since Hapipotumus is just new, is the difficulty in getting a seat during lunch.

Hapipotumus Food Place in Burgundy Taft
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The Food

Judging from the menu, we can tell that Hapipotumus focuses on Filipino favorites, and best sellers according to the crew are the Tapang Tapat (P99) for the unli rice category and Double Porkchop (P69) for sizzling plates category.

Best Seller of Unlimited Rice Meal Category - The Tapang Tapat:

The 'best-seller' Tapang Tapat of Hapipotumus
The 'best-seller' Tapang Tapat of Hapipotumus

This Tapang Tapat is already inclusive of the tapa itself, atsara, fried egg and unlimited rice. It features a salty and saucy taste of Tapa which some may dislike depending on their preferences. Personally, I didn't fully appreciate it because I'm more inclined to the sweet version of tapa.

Oh and now, I realized that we have a growing list of Tapsilog to choose from: Tapa King, RAP Steaks and Cakes, Perico's, Agno, Hapipotumus and more!

Best Seller of Sizzling Category - Double Porkchop:

Double Porkchop of Hapipotumus
Double Porkchop of Hapipotumus
I also tried the other best seller (or recommended by the staff so to speak), which is the Double Porkchop. This dish includes the double porkchop drenched in a special gravy sauce and the unlimited yellow rice. Three words for this dish: savory, affordable and okay! 

In terms of the taste, I prefer this over the Tapang Tapat, and considering the price, this is definitely a winner! Hence, this is recommended over the Tapa.

Updated (August 5, 2013) - Salisbury Steak (P68)

Salisbury Steak of Hapipotumus
Salisbury Steak of Hapipotumus - recommended by a reader
As recommended by a dear reader of this blog, I tried the Salisbury Steak. This dish is includes the burger patty drenched in gravy, fried egg and unlimited rice. I found the taste interesting because it resembled the burger we usually make at home - somehow sweet and buttery. In fact, the taste is close to a meat ball, just flattened into a patty. Personally, I enjoyed the taste of this dish! Thanks dear reader!

Hapipotumus in a Nutshell

Overall, I find the restaurant a bit of a lackluster because I didn't find something very unique and special in these two "best sellers" (although, I appreciate the Double Porkchop) - what more the other dishes right? But, I don't want to make a hasty conclusion, so I'm giving it another try soon. I know I may sound discouraging, but don't be. Go try it out, and share your insights here!

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Mezannine, Burgundy Transpacific Place
Taft Avenue, Manila
(Near De La Salle University)
Menu and Prices:
Hapipotumus in Taft Menu and Prices

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  1. You should've tried Salisbury steak. They said best-sellers because those are the meals most customers pay for, they have other meals which tastes greater than what is mentioned above. Plus, they have empty photo frames as of the moment wherein they'd put screenshots of their customers who took pictures and posted them on IG. It's like a mini "I was here!" thing. k hahaha sharing! Hapipotomus!

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this to us! I shall try that when I get the chance to. Now, I didn't notice that the frames can used for that purpose. Thanks for letting us know! :)


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