Super Bowl's Sarap Kasalo Meals - Affordable!

Super Bowl's Sarap Kasalo Meals - Affordable!

It's Super Bowl time, and it's not related to football, and after probably almost a decade, I finally found myself experiencing the Chinese cuisine of this restaurant once again. 

It was a bit odd. There was mix of nostalgia and confusion when I stepped inside the restaurant. Nostaglic because I was probably still in college, or if not on my first year at work, when we got to eat here as a family. Confused because I couldn't draw any explanations as to why we didn't get to dine there after. Anyway, I just shrugged that off, and focused on the now. After all, there was nothing I can do about it. Hence, for this blog post, allow me to give more light to Super Bowl's Sarap Kasalo Meals and to some of the bestselling dishes here.

Dimsum Combination of Super Bowl

Let's start off with some appetizers. They have this platter called Dimsum Combination (P360) which showcases the top selection for dimsum. Hence, with this, you will no longer have a problem selecting the appetizers. You'd get to sample 5 -- pork siomai, deep fried wonton, vegetarian spring roll, hakao and pork asado siopao

My personal favorites among the five: hakao and asado siopao (yum yum!). 

Szechuan Shrimp of Super Bowl

For the main dishes, they have this Szechuan Shrimp (P350), which to me, seems reasonably price given that this is a shrimp dish. However, my only two cents on this is that I prefer fresh shrimp rather than pre-deshelled frozen shrimp. Taste-wise, I love the tangy savory taste which gives it its authenticity. 

Super Bowl's Sweet and Sour Pork

My slight qualms with the shrimp was easily washed by the classic goodness of Super Bowl's Sweet and Sour Pork (P310). Rightly seasoned that perfectly goes with the tenderness of the breaded boneless pork. A must-try! 

Hong Kong-Style Half Fried Crispy Chicken

Another Chinese classic is this Hong Kong-Style Half Fried Crispy Chicken (P360). It was an instant favorite with its crispy skin and juicy meat! This dish goes perfectly well with the birthday noodles, so I suggest pairing it up with that.

Super Bowl Birthday Noodles

Speaking of Super Bowl Birthday Noodles (P350), we have it right here. Undeniably classic! It has this rightly cooked noodles that was tender yet playfully chewy, allowing you to focus on the savory flavor of the sauce/oils of the ingredient. 

Yang Chow Fried Rice of Super Bowl, Chinese Restaurant

Of course, as Filipinos a meal wouldn't be complete without rice. So, we have here the Yang Chow Fried Rice (P270). Visibly enticing with the right mix of greens, meat and egg. The thing that I love the most about this dish is the generous shrimp that it has. In almost every bite there was a piece of the shrimp giving it this rich and wonderfully-textured bite. 

Okay, I know that I told you about the Sarap Kasalo Meals, so we are going to touch that one. The reason why I went over other dishes first is to showcase how Super Bowl offers reasonably affordable meals yet still giving that authentic Chinese cuisine goodness. 

Sarap Kasalo Meals (Set 1) of Super Bowl

Individually, the dishes themselves are very much pocket-friendly, but interestingly things can be even more affordable here in Super Bowl with its Sarap Kasalo Meals. Would you believe that the set of dishes above and below are priced at only P899 per set? Yes, and it's already good for 3 persons. So that's just about P300 per head, for a hefty meal. 

Set 1 (P899), photo above - Pork Shanghai Rolls, Stir Fried Baguio Beans with Minced Pork, Lechon Macau and Yang Chow Fried Rice

Set 2 (P899), photo below - Pork Shanghai Rolls, Seafood Chopseuy, Lemon Chicken and Yang Chow Fried Rice 

Sarap Kasalo Meals (Set 2) of Super Bowl

So there you go! I hope you get to enjoy this blog post. As for us, I think I have more reasons now to go back here in Super Bowls. My mom was actually very surprised that it's relatively cheap here. She confessed that one of the reasons why we didn't attempt to dine before is that she was thinking that it's expensive here. Now, that we have debunked that, it's time to be here more frequent. 

See you there, and go order the Sarap Kasalo Meals with your friends or family!

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