Milksha's Natural Milk Tea Has Landed in the Philippines!

Milksha's Natural Milk Tea Has Landed in the Philippines!

As someone who frequently reads self-help books, I often encounter sayings or quotes that go like this, "There are moments in life when the simplest things are the purest and the most-memorable of them all". This line often applies to life experiences, choices and decisions. However, curiously enough, it may also apply to food, and in this case, milk tea. 

This is the same principles Milksha believes in. They want to be very direct in providing the best milk tea experience using the simplest yet well-chosen ingredients. They have been preaching about this in Taiwan for years, and now they are bringing it here in the Philippines, through a partnership with Chowking.

Milksha Pop-up event in SM Megamall

There are four (4) flavors of Milksha milk tea available, which I'd be sharing more about shortly. All of these flavors can be availed in any Chowking stores nationwide, and given that Chowking has many branches spread across country, Milksha is easily accessible for every one. 

Launching of Milksha in a pop-up event in SM Megamall

Alright, let's dive into the four (4) flavors of Milksha. Remember that all of these have simplified ingredients -- all natural, and without preservatives.

(1) Honey Pearl Black Tea Latte
This is the signature milk tea we all know, and we all love. It's the classic. This is perhaps the first milk tea you tried when you had your first sip. 

Milksha's version is true to its core, and just have 4 ingredients for this: the black tea, the syrup, the freshly hand-made pearls and then the milk

Milksha's Honey Pearl Black Tea Latte

What I loved about this milk tea was how the milk was undeniably fresh, and it mixed well with the cradling gentleness of the tea. Above it all, the boba pearl was breathtaking -- chewy yet tender at the same time. Of course, you need to consume as soon as it is served, so that the pearls will be at their best condition. 

(2) Wintermelon Lemon
Ingredients: Wintermelon, lemon, honey syrup

Wintermelon Lemon Milk Tea of Milksha

If you are in for a refreshing twist to the wintermelon classic, dive right into this version of Milksha. It's not your usual wintermelon drink given that it is paired with the tangy energy of a lemon giving it a slightly different persona. Personally, I'd still go for the classic wintermelon, but it was refreshing to try something new. 

(3) Valrhona Cocoa Milk
Ingredients: Melted Valrhona chocolates, freshly hand-made pearls, milk

Valrhona Cocoa Milk Drink by Milksha

Chocolate lovers, this is our time to shine. Valrhona is such a huge brand for confectioneries in Italy (or even globally), and it was exciting to know that we can now enjoy this silky delicious chocolates through Milksha. 

You'd feel the richness of the cocoa goodness in every sip, and you know that it is from a melted chocolate because of the subtle grainy texture. I'd say this is a stand-out for a chocolate drink! 

Taro milk ingredients of MilkshaValrhona Cocoa Milk drink ingredients of Milksha

(4) Signature Taro Milk
Ingredients: Taro and milk (as simple as that)

Signature Taro Milk of Milksha

The Signature Taro Milk is simplistic yet straightforwardly good. The taro bits are munchable giving it a great fascinating texture, yet blends well with the drink giving it some playfully grainy feel in every sip. 

The honest to goodness taste of this is simply overwhelming especially for someone who likes to really keep it simple (like me). However, do not expect a strong taste for this because it's all natural. Do not expect this to be sweet as well, so if you prefer to have something more sugary, I suggest going for any of the first three ones instead. Otherwise, you'd really enjoy this magnificent drink! 

Live demo - preparing the Milksha Milk Tea

During the pop-up event recently held in SM Megamall, we were given a live preview of how each of the flavor is prepared. Right there and then, you'd be surprised as how simple the ingredients and the process are. 

Wintermelon Lemon and Taro Milk Tea of Milksha

My top pick: It was a very close call. I was choosing between the classic black tea latte and the signature taro milk, but upon further contemplation, I ended up with Taro Milk as my top choice.

Milksha Milk Tea Available in Chowking Nationwide

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the fun and order your own Milksha Milk Tea at a Chowking near you! You can also order via, Foodpanda, or GrabFood.

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