Champion Hotpot - Unlimited Mongolian and Hotpot for P788

Champion Hotpot - Unlimited Mongolian and Hotpot for P788

New Hotpot Alert! Friends, it's time to add a new food destination to your list. Champion Hotpot recently reopened its doors since the pandemic, and they are now serving your favorite balls (no pun or anything indecent intended)

Champion Hot Pot in Santolan Town Plaza

Champion Hot Pot is located along with other top-tier restaurants in the heart of San Juan in Santolan Town Plaza. Right now, they are operating with only one branch, and this is what makes it particularly special. Also, with all the great variety of hotpot essentials they have here, your trip will be surely worth it. Even if you are coming from the north or south, you are in for a treat!

Interior of Champion Hotpot Restaraunt - San Juan

You might think that there are other hotpot restaurants out there. However, what makes Champion Hotpot unique is that it has a special Mongolian Station, of course aside from having a wonderful selection of balls and veggies. 

Champion Hot Pot also empowers us with the option to just go for unlimited mongolian, in case we are not in the mood for some hotpot. For only P450, we can have unlimited servings of Mongolian and drinks. Note, however, that this is being offered for lunch only, but stay tuned if they decide to expand it further. For now, remember, the Mongolian only is available for LUNCH alone.

Mongolian Station of Champion Hotpot

Given that the Mongolian Station is one of the facets as to what makes Champion Hotpot special, let's first focus on this one. The dedicated station is bombarded with lots of bowls containing all the ingredients ranging from sauce, spices, to veggies. You can curate your own bowl, and try various combinations to your heart's content. 

All you have to do is to hand over your crafted bowl to the chef, and specify the meat you want to include (options are pork, chicken, beef and mushroom balls). It will then be served to your table once cooked. 

Unlimited Mongolian Bowls in Champion Hotpot Restaurant

Above is my own curation. It contains green onions, crispy garlic, onions, peanut sauce, gochujang sauce. The meat I chose for this was beef and mushroom balls. The finished product is the photo below. 

Mongolian Bowl - Champion Hotpot, Unlimited

Of course I'd say that the resulting bowl was amazing. After all, I have an excellent taste *buhat ng sariling bangko*. Kidding aside, you can always redeem yourself in your next bowls and adjust the spices should it turn out not-so-okay. This is why if you are a huge rice lover, I suggest you go for the unlimited Mongolian. Very sulit at P450! 

Beverage Station of Champion Hotpot - San Juan

What's generous about the Unli-Mongolian is that it allows you access to the beverage station. You have option to have flavored-drinks, Coca-Cola products along with iced coffee and iced milo. In case you weren't able to read it well, they have ICED MILO. Yes, unlimited too! 

Now that we are at it, let me just walk you through the rates here in Champion Hotpot (as of November 2022). 

Price List / Rates (Menu) of Champion Hotpot Buffet

The succeeding parts of this blog post shall now focus on the remaining stations of Champion Hotpot which are all accessible if you avail the unlimited hotpot priced at P788 during weekday lunch and P988 for dinner, weekend and holidays

Maki rolls in Champion Hotpot - Unlimited Shabu-Shabu

Although not very much expansive, Champion Hotpot has a few selection for appetizers. They have about 3 kinds of maki/sushi rolls available. Honesty compels me to say that they are only slightly closer to satisfactory, but hey, they still somehow do the trick. The hotpot very much compensates for it together with the fried and steamed specialties below.

To spice up your appetite, Champion Hotpot offers some crispy treats. They have fried noodles, french fries, chicken karaage and tempura (must-try!)

Champion Hotpot Fried Delicacies - Tempura, Karaage and more!

Aside from the fried specialties, they also have about 3 hot dishes available. I did not take photos anymore because the selection might change depending on the day. That day, they were serving mapo tofu and seafood curry. 

Champion Hotpot's Siomai, Shark's Fin and Siopao

If you are lessening your intake of fried food, fret net because Champion Hotpot has everything covered. You may opt for the steamed delicacies instead. Among these, I highly suggest the Truffle Siomai. Superb taste! 

Unlimited hotpot, mongolian, tempura, rolls in Champion Hotpot

Let's now jump into the steaming hotpot as we explore the options that will make your hotpot session a blast. As you may see in the photo below, Champion Hotpot offers about 15+ of balls that shall grace your broths. There are also a handful of veggies to choose from -- greens, sprouts, carrots, etc. 

Hotpot balls and veggies in Champion Hotpot Buffet

Shabu-Shabu balls in Champion Hotpot

Aside from the balls and veggies, there is another shelf that further upgrades your hotpot. These are side salads (yes, kimchi too), noodles and soy bean products (i.e. silky tofu, firm tofu and beancurd skin). Again, I want to highlight that there is beancurd skin! So good. Something you must include in your pot. 

Noodles, tofu and beancurd skin in Champion Hotpot

Hotpot will never be complete without the sauce, and it's a great thing that you have a range of options here in Champion Hotpot. Again, due to the multitude of selection, you can try multiple combinations. Imagine, each of your hotpot experience will be unique because you can introduce variations with the sauces. 

Hotpot sauces in Champion Hotpot - Unlimited/Buffet

Options do not stop right there. With your broth, you still have the power to select as well. Options are (1) Laksa, (2) Mala Beef Tomato, (3) Shabu-Shabu, (4) Chicken Coconut, (5) Tom Yum, and (6) Sukiyaki. I know. It's hard to choose, but good thing you may select 2 broths as starters. Of course once you get to finish it up, you may ask for a different broth (but goodluck with that, normally you'd already be full by that time). 

Unlimited hotpot for only P788 - Champion Hotpot

Here's a snapshot of how our pot looked like at one point. Emphasis on "one point" because we were trying different balls and veggie combinations throughout, so there were points wherein it looked different than this photo. But again, that's the beauty of being able to experiment and try different combinations! 

Hotpot in Champion Hotpot Restaurant - San Juan

We are almost coming to an end, but still even with the desserts, there is still a liberty to mix-and-match. They have cakes, some rolls, halo-halo and Big Scoop ice cream. Yes, you heard it right, they serve Big Scoop ice cream with about 5+ flavors to choose from. 

Dessert Section of Champion Hotpot

Tips from fellow bloggers: Some of my friends recommended to make a Milo Float by getting a glass of iced milo and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, you may add a scoop of ube ice cream to your cake, or better yet to your halo-halo. 

I got so giddy with my experience here in Champion Hotpot that I immediately sent the photos to my high school barkada, and every one got so eager to try. As a matter of fact, there is a plan to visit this place this week! 

Check this place out -- Champion Hotpot in Santolan Town Plaza, San Juan. 

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