Fat Smoke BBQ's Authentic Wagyu Beef Ribs - A Must Try!

Fat Smoke BBQ's Authentic Wagyu Beef Ribs - A Must Try!

Wagyu made its way to popularity perhaps a decade back, but it hasn't lots its glory. However, sometimes despite being famous and all, it's still difficult to find something authentic, and even more so for something both authentic and good. Fortunately, I can now make that easy for you because my sister and I just discovered a this fantastic wagyu by Fat Smoke BBQ.

Pardon my late posting, but we actually had this for New Year's Eve, and it certainly made the year end with a bang. The wagyu was exploding with goodness, matched with extreme tenderness of the meat, allowing the flavors of the herbs and spices to be deeply infused into the fibers. 

Fat Smoke BBQ - quickly sells out - Las Pinas, Metro Manila

The Wagyu Beef Ribs stands out on its own, but the sauce that comes with it makes it even more hard to forget especially with its smoky-fruity overtone.

Fat Smoke BBQ's wagyu is definitely perfect for celebrations, and would leave out a positive impression on you, your family members and guests (if any). Now, when we speak of price, it may appear steep, but for a dish this good (as well as the assurance that it's 100% authentic), I'd be willing to pay the premium. Plus, actually when you get to taste it, you'd say that it's really worth the buck.

If you feel like ordering, you can check out their FB page, which I'm sharing below for your convenience.

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Posted by Fat Smoke BBQ on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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