Falling in Love with the Mascarpone Cake by Benassi

Falling in Love with the Mascarpone Cake by Benassi

Who says that birthday cakes need to be round? When in fact, all cakes of all forms, has the potential to provide the same joys as that of a round one. Come to think of it, I even got to taste a couple of round ones that did not spark much joy. My point is, the cake is not the essence of a birthday celebration, so feel free to get any cake for your birthday. And that's what I did. I got Mascarpone Tub Cake by Benassi for mine.

Mascarpone Cake by Benassi

It was my sister who ordered this Mascarpone Cake by Benassi, and it came in this extra neat packaging that was fit for the occasion. It was wrapped with this adorable box all tied up with a paper string, and this made me feel like an eager child opening up a present. 

Mascarpone Tiramisu Cake of Benassi

Seemingly fairy dust filled the air as I pried the lid off. It smelled sweet and luscious. The tub was sort of containing its beauty so I decided to set it free and lay it on a plate. In my eyes, it sparkled. 

Mascarpone Tiramisu Cake Tub

As I took a spoonful, my eyes involuntarily closed as my palate was washed with this calming sweet-salty creaminess from the mascarpone, briefly I was then pulled back to reality with the playful kick of the coffee. I took another spoonful, followed by the next, until nothing remained on the plate. It was lovely! It relished some of my childhood memories, and there was peace to that.

Sliced Mascarpone Cake by Benassi

If you also want to take home this magic enclosed in a tub, you may check out there IG page below:

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